4 Things to Love About 2-Month-Olds

babyLet’s be honest, a newborn — while adorable, even intoxicating — doesn’t really do much. Most of that phase is a haze of trying to learn how to function on little sleep and lots of coffee. Your days are spent listening to this baby who endlessly cries, and at times you wonder if he just hates you.

Then, two months come and your newborn is a whole new being. Silver is, anyway, and the super-hard newborn time is behind us. The 2-month-old phase is one of my favorites because Silver is still a tiny, sweet little guy, but he’s starting to interact with the world and show signs of happiness and a great personality.

I am doing all I can to soak this all in — the good and the frustrating — because I know how blessed I am to have him in my life, and I know he’s likely going to be the last newborn I call mine.

Here are four awesome things Silver has started to do now that he’s 2 months old:

1. He’s smiling!

That first smile? I blamed it on gas. The second and third, I probably did, too. Now, there’s no mistaking his full-face grin is actually in response to seeing something (or someone, uh hum) that makes him happy. He has this favorite spot on the shelf that, I swear, he could stare at all day. I don’t know what’s up there, but when you help him look in that direction, he is all smiles. My favorite: the first-thing-in-the-morning smiles telling me he’s had a good night.

2. He’s cooing!

The sounds coming out of Silver are not only cries anymore, and it’s music to my ears! He is starting to try and communicate with me and tell me stories in his own way. He seems to do it with his whole body too, which just makes those sweet happy noises that much more adorable.

3. He’s showing interest (especially in his siblings).

There is a special kind of magic seeing your older children through the eyes of your youngest. Silver is starting to follow objects with his eyes and he seems to be able to see further and further each day. When one of his three older siblings enters his view, he lights up instantly. I see the biggest smile I don’t see any other time, and there’s no other word to describe it other than magic!

4. He’s sleeping longer stretches.

He is so far from sleeping through the night, so don’t go all stabby on me thinking I’m bragging. He still wakes up quite often during the night to eat, but it’s not as early as it often was in the newborn stage. He will wake up to eat every two to three hours through the sleeping times, but he goes right back to sleep, and with us bed-sharing, it’s been wonderful being able to nurse laying down and doze while he eats, and then we can just peacefully fall back asleep. During the day we’re still trying to figure out some sort of nap routine because seriously it feels like he doesn’t sleep at all, but we will get there. It’s been nice getting some sleep — most nights — anyway.

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Lead photo credit: © Devan McGuinness

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