4 Hilarious Games: My Babies Are Finally Playing Together

Photo Credit: Kris Gabbard/Flickr

Sandy and Clementine have started playing together and they’re doing it so nicely and hilariously. Even the mail carrier stopped to watch them the other day. Their games are:

1. “Snatch it”

This is when one picks up a toy and the other grabs it out of their hand, full force. They pause, laugh with hilarity, then the original holder grabs it back. The cycle continues ad nauseam.

2. “Face smack”

One slams their hand, open-palmed, into the front of the other’s head. They pause, laugh with hilarity, then the Slammed takes a turn as the Slammer. The cycle continues ad nauseam.

3. “Hey Stupid, look behind the door”

They play peek-a-boo but specifically and exclusively with one door. Apparently this is freaking hilarious as well.

4. “I cram Cheerios down your throat”

Also done with methodical turn-taking. The joy seems to be in the anticipation of a fist full of cereal headed one’s way.

Any minute now one of these beloved sports is going to turn very ugly.  Very, very, very ugly. Until then, their playing together is really dang cute!

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