6 Ways My Playard Has Been a Lifesaver!

4moms playard breezePre-baby I thought that playpens were for the lazy. I was so so wrong.  Over the years the product language has shifted from “playpen” to “playard” and “pack-and-play” to take the negative connotation off restricting your child in a pen. It’s worked for me. Now with a couple of babies zooming around my apartment I embrace the new term playard and find that it’s not just a luxury, but a safety necessity. In fact, I’ve had a few (pictured is my favorite playard, the breeze by 4Moms).

Here are 6 times the playard has saved my rear-end:

1. When I broke a glass

I needed my babies up and off the floor immediately while I swept, vacuumed and searched for every last shard of glass.

2. While changing one baby’s messy diaper

It’s a new thing. They want to get all up in each others’ poop. They’re going to love me for writing this, but it’s normal. Into the playard they go during one another’s diaper changes.

3. That time I had a stomach virus. Enough said.

4. When my friend brings over her dog

Sometimes the dog needs a break from the babies — totally fair.

5. When taking something out of the oven

Overall, my kitchen is pretty baby-proof. The oven locks, but if I actually want to use it, I feel much more secure knowing my babies are in the playard.

6. As I make an attempt to clean up

Just as I put a toy away, a baby drags it back out. In order to save my sanity, I’ll put my daughters in the playard for a time as I clean from room to room. They then are free to tear everything apart and we’ll start again tomorrow!

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