5 Annoying Things New Parents Do

Image Source: Lauren Hartmann
Image Source: Lauren Hartmann

Let’s face it: As parents we’re all kind of annoying at times. We all have a certain way of doing things, and we all probably think our way is best, but the new parent phase? Well, that’s an entirely different level of annoying which I fully admit to having experienced. Thankfully it only lasts for a season (honestly I blame the sleep deprivation and postpartum hormones), but it’s pretty difficult to avoid. I’m not promising that these annoying new parent phrases and actions will be the last annoying things you say or do as a parent (Lord knows I’ve done far more that aren’t on this list), but I’d like to think it starts to get a little bit better over time, so take heart. There is hope for all of you new parents after all.

5 Annoying Things New Parents Do:

1. Two words: Baby. Spam.

Baby spam is a telltale sign of a new parent. It’s probably a little bit obnoxious to most people (especially our non-parent friends), but as a mom who swore she would never be a baby spammer and then totally was … I get it. A million photos of your sleeping baby with the same exact expression? Still not enough. As a new parent we realize we’re doing this, but we just can’t stop. Try to be patient with us.

2. TMI Facebook posts

Wanna vent about diaper explosions or getting baby barf on your new sweater? What better place to air those grievances than via social media, right? OK, well probably not, but new parents still do it. Thankfully my husband is here to keep me in check when my posts venture into the area of TMI, but sometimes the pull is just too strong.

3. Talk about their kids nonstop

This is especially true for parents who have gone from working full-time to being a stay-at-home parent. Before kids we talked about our jobs and hobbies, but now? Our kids are our jobs and hobbies, so it only makes sense that we would talk about them a lot more. It’s annoying, but I promise that over time as the newness wears off, we’ll start talking about topics that have nothing to do with breastfeeding or sleep training again.

4. Remind you that “you won’t understand until you have kids”

I always hated when people with kids would say this to me when I was still childless and free. Sure, I didn’t have kids of my own, but I was a freaking preschool teacher with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies, it’s not like I was totally clueless. Now that I’m a parent I have to admit that while obnoxious at the time, those “you won’t understand until you have kids” statements were totally true. Knowing a lot about kids and actually applying what you know to your own is an entirely different ball game. Annoying, but true. Do try to reign it in though, new parents … your childless friends will likely figure this out on their own one day.

5. Tell you how tired they are

If you ask a new parent how they’re doing, the first answer you’ll get in most cases is “tired.” You might seriously begin to wonder how any one person could possibly be that tired, but then you become a parent yourself one day and you totally understand. Yep. I know … I just did that annoying “you’ll understand when you’re a parent” thing. 

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