5 Baby-Friendly Games For Family Night

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A few months before Avery was born, my husband and I thought it would be a great idea to start a tradition that included time alone with Harlan. We knew that bringing a baby home would be a huge change for her and we wanted to do everything we could to ensure alone time with her.

My husband and I loved to have game nights before we had kids. It didn’t matter if it was just the two of us or if we invited a lot of people over, game night was something that we both enjoyed and had fun with. Harlan was 2 1/2 when Avery was born, so she was just reaching an age where she could sit for a period of time and play games with us. She had watched us play games intended for older ages and always wanted to get involved, so we knew that getting a game appropriate for her would be perfect.

We bought a few board games that were suited for her age and spent a Friday night eating pizza and playing. It was our first official Jimeson Family Game Night. I didn’t know how much fun it would be for my husband and I to play a game intended for a 3-year-old, but the laughing and stories that were told during our time on the floor together were absolutely priceless.

Our family game night has become a family tradition and one that we have at least once a month. Shortly after we put Avery to bed, Harlan will pick out her favorite game and we will sit on the floor with pizza and play just like we did on that first night. It’s such a great time for my husband and I to have that special one-on-one time with Harlan that we don’t get very often. She tells us stories about things going on in her life, asks questions about nearly anything and everything, and tries the best she can to win every single game (she has the competitive nature of her parents.)

I always considered having a game night to be an adult activity, but it can be just as much fun (if not more) with kids.

Here are 5 games we love to play:

  • Family Game Night 1 of 6

    Check out five of our favorite games for a family game night.

  • Disney Princess Candy Land 2 of 6

    Harlan is obsessed with all things Disney Princess. This puts a spin on the classic game and gets all of the princesses involved. We love acting out like we are the princesses we are playing on the board.

    Get it from Toys R Us, $16.99

  • Disney Princess Pretty as a Picture Matching Game 3 of 6

    We love memory games because they're fun for everyone in the family! They have all of the Disney princesses, and you have to try to complete your character. 

    Get it from Amazon, $10.07

  • Chutes and Ladders 4 of 6

    This was always a favorite game of mine when I was growing up. I love playing games with Harlan and explaining to her that I used to play these when I was a little girl just like her.

    Get it from Toys R Us, $9.99

  • Don’t Break The Ice 5 of 6

    We recently bought this game, and although it's only for two players, watching Harlan play is a lot of fun. She gets so nervous at every move that she is going to break the ice. I love her competitive spirit!

    Get it from Toys R Us, $9.99

  • Go Fish 6 of 6

    Because our family loves playing card games, we have taught Harlan how to play Go Fish. It's one of our favorites and is easy because it can be played with a simple deck of cards.

    Get it from Amazon, $3.13

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