5 Creative Ways to Repurpose A Baby Bumper

Too Dangerous for the crib? Now what?

With all the news that crib bumpers are a no-no, I’ve been thinking that there has to be something I can do with the one I’ve got – the fabric is really nice, it matches the rest of the nursery, and it’s plush enough that there must be dozens of other uses for it. Leave it to the powers of Pinterest to help me find 5 ways to re-use a crib bumper in your littleĀ  one’s nursery

  • Window Valance 1 of 5
    Continue the theme of your baby's bedding by turning their bumper into a charming window valance.
  • Book Storage Pocket. 2 of 5
    A cute alternative to bookshelves - this book pocket can be created with minimal sewing.
  • Toddler Bed Bolster Pillow 3 of 5
    Brilliant idea! The perfect sized bollster pillow for a crib-turned-toddler bed can be created simply and quickly!
  • Nap Mat 4 of 5
    Nap mats tend to run $30 - $50 a piece! Make your own, plush nap mat for pennies wi
  • Teething Guard 5 of 5
    Keep baby from nibbling on the rail of the crib by repurposing the bumper as a teething guard.

You can find the how-tos here:

Window Valance

Book Pocket

Toddler Bed Pillow

Nap Mat

Teething Guard

Do you have any ideas for how to repurpose your crib bumper? I’m thinking someone could use it to make seating for a reading nook or some sort of table corner guard?!? Share your ideas if you have them!


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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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