5 Frustrating Things About Newborn Clothing

If you are anything like me, you probably bought oodles of adorable outfits for your little bundle of joy.

With my first baby, my clothing choices were based mostly on the cute factor, with little thought to whether or not the outfits would be comfortable, or easy to take on and off.

My clothing selections were a little more practical with baby number two, but I still find myself insanely frustrated with some aspects of clothing my newborn.

Check out my top 5 frustrations with newborn clothing!

1. Too many snaps — At this point, I can successfully snap a newborn bodysuit from neck to ankle with little effort. In fact, I can probably do it with one hand! However, I can still remember struggling to the point of cursing with my first baby, and snapping our daughter’s outfits still make my husband want to scream!

2. Too rough — I am all for saving money on baby clothes, because they grow out of them in like 5 minutes, but I try to avoid clothing with rough fabric — who wants that next to their baby’s delicate skin?

3. Loose threads — Again with the poor manufacturing choices, why is it that there are always three loose threads around the sleeve of my baby’s outfit? With all the hand sucking, I am always afraid that my newborn will end up with a loose thread in her mouth!

4. They don’t hold up in the wash — I hate when I buy a sweet piece of clothing for my baby, and it doesn’t come out so cute after one wash. Hello wrinkles, and even more loose threads!

5. No hand covers! — Why don’t more newborn outfits have hand covers? While I don’t want to cover her hands all the time, having the option is very nice. My newborn can not be left alone with her hands at this point — those razor sharp finger nails can do major damage to her sweet little face!

So, I am not sure if my complete lack of sleep amplifies these frustrations, or if they are legitimate issues.

Did you find yourself frustrated with any aspects of your newborn’s clothing?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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