5 Great Places to Donate Extra Diapers

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Image source: Thinkstock

A friend of mine text messaged me yesterday to let me know that her 3-month-old had sized up in diapers to a size 2 and to see if we wanted the rest of her size 1s. Now, we’re still phasing out the newborn diapers, but soon Eli will need the 1s, so I happily took her up on the offer.

Then I got to thinking, what are we going to do with all our extras? We bought a HUGE box of newborn diapers, only to discover a few days in that Eli has crazy sensitive skin and would be needing the hypoallergenic version of that brand. We can’t use this big pack of diapers and I don’t have any friends with new, tiny babies.

So I did a little research and found 5 great places we can donate extra diapers:

1. A local women/children’s shelter

When I called they were thrilled to tell me that yes, they happily took diapers, and while they preferred them in the original package (open or not) they would take them regardless.

2. A hospital

Now, the first hospital I called only accepted full packages of diapers, but another local hospital said they would take donations whether the package was open or not. You may want to call around before bringing them by.

3. A lactation clinic

This one doesn’t feel quite as helpful to me since most of the women at my lactation clinic bring their own diapers and my clinic had a HUGE stack, but if all else fails, this still seems better than throwing away a bunch of perfectly good diapers.

4. A daycare facility

Our daycare facility take extra diapers because from time to time they run out or parents forget to pack them. Sure, your kid won’t wear them while they’re there, but it’ll help your daycare provider in a pinch.

5. Help a Mother Out

This is a great organization, based out of Los Angeles, that provides diapers to women and families that cannot afford them. If you live in LA you can drop them off in person, if you live elsewhere you can mail your extra diapers. One rule though- they have to be in the original packaging, though it can be open, so don’t toss the bag they came in! For more information on donating to help a mother out, visit their website.

A big thanks to Huggies for sponsoring this campaign.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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