5 Lessons My City Babies Learned on Vacation

Photo Credit: Stefanie Chapman/Flickr
Photo Credit: Stefanie Chapman/Flickr

I’m learning the hard way that you can take your baby out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of your baby. At least not in just a couple of days on vacation. I grew up on the gulf coast of Florida but I’m raising my daughters in New York City. Everything is different — transportation, weather, playtime, and even interaction with friendly strangers.

Here are the lessons my city babies have learned:

1. Car seats are not Medieval baby torture chairs that I’m punishing you with.

And screaming isn’t going to get you out.  They have a purpose, they keep you safe, and it’s temporary — I promise!

2. Beach chairs are not broken umbrella strollers.

Why won’t the beach chairs GO? Because it doesn’t have wheels. Remember what on the bus goes round and round? Oh, forget it. I’m putting them back in the car so you’ll stop screaming.

3. Sand is not an “Uh Oh” it’s a “Yay!” — now walk already.

The coastline is not a giant spill that needs to be cleaned up (not the sand at least!), enjoy it!

4. About the sand again, I’m not rinsing it off your hands every two seconds.

I shouldn’t have agreed to rinse your hands off in the first place, it’s the beach!

5. There’s a sky!

Look-up, see all that blue stuff?  It’s the sky. It’s what’s behind all of the buildings that we see at home.


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