My 5 New Favorite Mom Splurges

What's your favorite mom splurge?
What's your favorite mom splurge?

Christmas has passed. Valentine’s Day is still a month away. Mother’s Day is a few months out. Enough with those holidays found on a calendar. We don’t need no stinkin’ holiday to take sometime for ourselves, right?

Sometimes you just need someone else to take care of YOU. It’s not like we are at home caring for a baby 24 hours a day.

Here are My 5 New Favorite Mom Splurges:

  • The Dry Bar – Hair Blow Out 1 of 5
    The Dry Bar - Hair Blow Out
    For someone who is desperately seeking to defrump herself from the last 2 years of pregnancy, a trip to the Dry Bar made me feel my pre-pregnancy self for oh about 6 hours.
    The Drybar is a blow dry bar. They shampoo, blow dry and style. Click to read about my outing at the dry bar.
  • Grocery Shopping By Myself 2 of 5
    Grocery Shopping By Myself
    Ha! Moms, sometimes it's the simple things in life. You know, not having to lug a carseat and then baby here and there. We have the addition of a toddler, who while really is a good shopper - he just grabs everything off the shelves. No noise. Just me, wandering aimlessly through our fancy Kroger (seriously, it's fancy. There's a furniture department and jewelry department).  If you hate the grocery store with kids as much as I do, ready Emily's post about grocery shopping with baby.
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  • Shellac Nails (or Gel Nails) 3 of 5
    Shellac Nails (or Gel Nails)
    These things are greatness I tell you! I received a gift certificate for Christmas, which I promptly took advantage of. I type all day, in between changing diapers, washing dishes and what not. These nails look just about as good the day I got them.
    Shellac nails (gel nails) use your own nails, so no acrylics to have to fill.  I've had them once before and they lasted a good 5 weeks. The manicurist told me the French manicure with shellac (or gel) lasts the longest. So that's what I've stayed with.
  • Take Out Dinner 4 of 5
    Take Out Dinner
    Oh take out dinner, how nice of you to give me a night off! While the hubs really is good at helping with the dishes after I cook, it's the rest of the kitchen that is the booger.
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  • Sleeping In On The Weekend 5 of 5
    Sleeping In On The Weekend
    Sleep is my BFF, but we have a love - hate relationship. On the weekends, the hubs is great at watching the kids so I can sleep. And by sleep, I'm talking 12 hours of night night time. Sure, it's all my body trying to catch up, but being able to sleep that long with a baby, SPLURGE!

Over the years, and as our family has grown the word splurge has taken on a whole new meaning. Feeling pampered now is less about fancy and more about down time and practicality. Nails that last 4 weeks, yes! Hair that lasts 6 hours, not so much – but I can’t always be practical!

These splurges are things I use to take advantage of and didn’t bat an eye at. It’s funny how life changes after having a baby (or 4).

(Did I mention I really need a mommy vacation?)

How Do You Pamper Yourself?


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