My Baby's 15 Cutest Photos From Month 5

Fern  Winter turned five months old last Friday and we had our monthly photo shoot.  I can’t believe how fast she’s changing and growing (see Month 1 , Month 2 and Month 3 and Month 4 photo shoots to compare)!

This month Fern had her first doctor appointmentdealt with some remodeling, struggled with nap time, and Fern even shared her first laugh with us!

I am documenting Fern’s first year of life by doing a round up of my favorite photos from that month and taking her photo in front of our chalkboard and making a list of her likes and dislikes.

See Fern’s likes and dislikes and best photos from this past month after the jump!

Fern likes:

*grabbing her feet, *looking longingly outside, *Marley, *eating bananas in her snack net, *grabbing everything, *pinching and poking Daddy’s face, *flapping her excited arms

Fern dislikes:

*her new diapers, *too much tummy time, *having parents out of her sight, *Mommy’s sleep

Fern’s best photos from this month:


  • 5 month photo shoot 1 of 14
    5 month photo shoot
    In each month's photo shoot she just looks bigger and bigger. It never ceases to blow my mind.
  • Mommy & Baby 2 of 14
    Mommy & Baby
    My friend Kacie snapped this photo while we were out at coffee one day and the lovely lighting has made it one of my favorites.
  • Future reader 3 of 14
    Future reader
    This little lady has a thing for books and I'm hoping it sticks. I would be perfectly happy having a librarian for a daughter one day.
  • Fern’s first laugh 4 of 14
    Fern's first laugh
    This photo was taken about an hour before Fern's first laugh.
  • Like father like daughter 5 of 14
    Like father like daughter
    My husband goes off-roading and we joined him on an excursion this month. Fern stuck to this mini version for her off roading adventures though.
  • First taste of food 6 of 14
    First taste of food
    Gumming on a carrot was Fern's first culinary experience this month and she seemed quite fond of it.
  • Stoic 7 of 14
    I love this photo because it perfectly captures Fern's calm and relaxed face - her usual day-to-day look.
  • Family time 8 of 14
    Family time
    This is a photo from our first family coffee date.
  • Life lesson 9 of 14
    Life lesson
    This month I learned that I should always carry more than one change of clothes. You can just imagine the situation and this is the aftermath - a naked baby with a very guilty grin.
  • Making friends with Marley 10 of 14
    Making friends with Marley
    Fern has discovered Marley this month and she's totally into her and always trying to grab her fur.
  • My very hungry caterpillar 11 of 14
    My very hungry caterpillar
    I often refer to Fern as my very hungry caterpillar, because just like the book, "she was still hungry". Her appetite knows no bounds.
  • My little ham 12 of 14
    My little ham
    Fern has gotten super smiley this month and she'll often ham it up for me when I have my camera out.
  • My pink girl 13 of 14
    My pink girl
    Pre-baby I said I'd never dress my little girl in pink, but it looks so cute on her sometimes, I give in.
  • First high chair experience 14 of 14
    First high chair experience
    This is a photo from Fern's first restaurant experience in a high chair. She was so excited about it and couldn't stop smiling.


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