5 Months Old – A Letter

Which is far too close to 6 months that being half a year. Hoo doggy! How is that…how is that even possible?!

It seems but yesterday that I was heart-brokenly childless, to ‘miraculously’ being pregnant with my first Wyndham, who just turned two last month. Now, within the blink of my tired eyes it would seem, my colicky newborn is gone.

Enter in my chubby cheeked, drooly, rolly polly, grabby baby girl…

My sweet and sassy girl,

You are growing far up far too fast, little miss! Such words which are heard only far too often in the company of parents, I know. Trite as they may be, they are genuine and true. All of a sudden you are teething and grabbing and chewing on/at everything in sight. Your toes are a true wonder (to you) and your eyes are most often wider than saucers.

You love a good party and are quickly becoming quite the little socialite. Although you are wise and particular about whom may be charmed by your loveliness, some strangers are deeeeenied. That’s my girl! As of late, you have taken to eating faces, especially your brother’s, and beards bring you much joy. All the better for pulling and tugging. You are enraptured by story-time and pretty much anything else to do with your brother, he makes you smile like no other.

It would seem you have grown out of all your itty bitty outfits, onsies and PJ’s…we are full on into stocking up your shelves with 6 month sizes and beyond. But my lordy, that sort of stuff tugs on your momma’s heart-strings. I know. I’m far too much of a moosh. That probably won’t change much as the years wear on, little one – so you may as well get used to that now.

We’ve had our challenges in the breast-feeding department and continue to supplement with formula. Although I am pleased to announce that you shall soon be nomming on some very delicious first foods in the next week or so. I know this will please you immensely as you are fascinated with food and are trying to get in on the action every chance you get.

So baby girl, as per usual, know that we love you to the moon and back today and always. You rock our little world, you and your brother. So. Incredibly. Much.

x’s & o’s,

Yo’ Mama

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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