5 (More!) Exercises For Mommies and Babies

It's fast, it's fun, and it's FREE!

As my son continues to be more awake and full of personality each day, I’m finding I have less and less time for fitting in personal things. Things like eating, returning phone calls, drying my hair, and most definitely working out.  I still haven’t gone back to my gym yet, even though Cullen is technically old enough for the childcare there. Until I cross that bridge, I’m doing my best to find ways to incorporate Cullen into my workouts, which is fun for both of us!

Last week I shared with you the 5 Exercises You Can Do (At Home!) With Your Baby. This week, I have five more for you!  You can sneak them in all at once, or one by one as you find time throughout your day. They are quick, easy (depending on the weight of your baby!), and best of all, FREE!

Here are five more ways for moms and babies to be active together …

  • Leg Lifts (Part One) 1 of 10
    Leg Lifts (Part One)
    Start by laying on your back on a soft rug or yoga mat. With your knees bent, carefully balance your baby on your legs so that he is supported and stabilized. (This one is not recommended when baby has a full belly - watch out!)
  • Leg Lifts (Part Two) 2 of 10
    Leg Lifts (Part Two)
    With your hands on baby's shoulders, slowly raise your legs up so that baby is facing down. Then slowly return legs to a 90 degree angle. Repeat ten times!
  • Push-ups (Part One) 3 of 10
    Push-ups (Part One)
    If you don't feel strong or stable enough to do a traditional push-up, feel free to bend at the knees and do a modified push-up. Lay your baby underneath you on a soft, clean surface. Start in a plank position with baby placed underneath your chest.
  • Push-ups (Part Two) 4 of 10
    Push-ups (Part Two)
    Slowly lower down into a push-up, making sure to stop and give your baby a kiss! (Notice that mine went for the gooey open mouth - nice!). Do as many as you are comfortable doing, and make sure you feel strong enough to hold your weight over the baby.
  • Side Swing (Part One) 5 of 10
    Side Swing (Part One)
    Standing up, hold your baby in front of you with outstretched arms. You can choose if he faces toward you or away, depending on what he likes best! Hold your baby directly in front of you, and then twist your torso 90 degrees to the left side.
  • Side Swing (Part Two) 6 of 10
    Side Swing (Part Two)
    Still holding the baby out in front of you, return to the middle position and then twist your torso all the way to the right side. Repeat this twisting motion ten times, taking breaks if needed. This is a great core and arm workout!
  • Arm Curls (Part One) 7 of 10
    Arm Curls (Part One)
    Cradle your baby in your arms with your hands facing upward. Make sure he is securely balanced in the crook of your arms.
  • Arm Curls (Part Two) 8 of 10
    Arm Curls (Part Two)
    Slowly curl your arms toward you body, bringing your baby up against your body (this should make him giggle!). Then slowly return back down to the original position. Repeat ten times.
  • Single Leg Squats (Part One) 9 of 10
    Single Leg Squats (Part One)
    Stand and hold your baby in front of you with your feet together. Starting with the left foot, step out and bend your right knee until your left thigh is parallel to the ground.
  • Single Leg Squats (Part Two) 10 of 10
    Single Leg Squats (Part Two)
    Return to standing position, and then alternate by stepping with the right leg. Repeat ten times on each leg.

Before starting any exercise program, talk to your doctor and make sure you are healed and ready for exercise. Only do what feels comfortable for your body and your baby!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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