5 Must-Have Items For Taking Baby on a Picnic

We are staying in the city this Memorial Day weekend and plan on spending a lot of time outdoors. I love staying in the city on holiday weekends because most of the city dwellers leave for vacation leaving our neighborhood quaint and quiet, which is abnormal for New York City.

One of our outdoors plans this weekend is to take our weekly trip to Central Park for a picnic. Central Park has so many great places for a picnic. Just wide open spaces of green grass that are screaming for a family to set up a picnic to enjoy the scenery. There are so many things that I pack for our picnics in the park, but there are five things that I always bring for Avery.

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  • Bubbles 2 of 6

    Bubbles are fun for everyone! No matter what the age of your baby, they will love watching the bubbles fly through the air. Avery is just at the age where she loves to chase after them to pop them. She giggles as she runs through the grass to get them. I always bring bubbles with me on our picnics because they provide entertainment for everyone. These Gazillion Bubble Show bubbles happen to be our favorite because they create really amazing bubbles that hold up well in the air.

    Get it from Toys R Us, $10.99

  • Blanket 3 of 6

    I take this blanket with me everywhere. It was one of our first purchases when we moved to the city and realized that we were going to the park often for picnics. It was perfect when Avery was a little baby because we could just lay her down on it and she could roll around. It's also water-proof, so anything that gets spilled by little hands is easily wiped up rather than having to throw it in the washing machine.

    Get it from Skip Hop, $45.00

  • Pouches 4 of 6

    These pouches are not only tasty for babies, but even I've indulged in a few. My favorite thing to do for picnics is to freeze them the night before then allow them to thaw a  bit so that they taste like slushies. All of the smoothie fruit flavors from Ellas' Kitchen taste just like eating frozen smoothies and are so refreshing on warms picnic days.

    Get it from Diapers.com, $11.59 per pack

  • Sunscreen 5 of 6

    During these hot months, I carry around this sunscreen with me everywhere I go. I love that it's made from natural ingredients so I know that it's not harmful on Avery but it's also protecting her from the sun. On days that we have a picnic and are in the sun for an extended period of time, I make sure to apply it several times that day to protect her skin.

    Get it from Honest Co., $13.95

  • Disposable Diaper Bags 6 of 6

    I'm usually not one for products like this, but these are a must when you are having a picnic. A baby will soil a diaper where ever you are. Our picnics in the park don't usually have trash cans nearby, so I put all of Avery's dirty diapers in this bag. They are much better than regular trash bags because they keep the odor out from everyone else. 

    Get it from Target, $10.49

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