5 People I See All The Time Now That I Have A Baby

Life with a baby can be a little bit redundant at times; babies are after all governed by their schedules.  Meal time, diaper change, play time, diaper change, nap time, diaper change, play time, meal time, diaper change, bed time, repeat, repeat, repeat…

But, the other day I was realizing that in addition to all the repeating activities, there also seems to be repetition in the people I see more regularly now.  Actually, there are five people in particular who I see quite a lot of these days…



  • Other moms and their babies 1 of 5
    Other moms and their babies
    Now that I have a baby on a sleep schedule, all social activities are scheduled around naps and bed times and pretty much the only other people who abide by similar schedules are other stay-at-home moms. Play date at 10:00 a.m.? Dinner at 5:00? Other moms have you covered.
  • Everyone on Facebook 2 of 5
    Everyone on Facebook
    Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all my entertainment during the countless hours I've spent nursing. I could probably update you on what everyone I went to high school is up to these days. Yep. I'm that person.
  • The people at my local grocery store 3 of 5
    The people at my local grocery store
    I do most of my grocery shopping at a small grocer in Portland and everyone there knows me. They saw me all the time when I was pregnant, but now that I have a baby and am having to buy fruit and veggies more often to make foods for Fern (and all the other little items babies seem to need) I feel like I pretty much live here.
  • The FedEx guy 4 of 5
    The FedEx guy
    Ordering baby things online has become a regular occurrence. Diapers, baby wash and pretty much anything else you could possibly think of can be bought online and delivered to my front door. Hmmm...pack up a baby and all her stuff and head out to buy what I need, or order it online and have it delivered to my front door by my B.F.F. the FedEx guy? Is that even a choice?
  • My mom 5 of 5
    My mom
    My mom is like my sanity. She comes over and helps me with Fern so I can actually get things done sometimes and it benefits us both, because she's pretty excited about her (first) granddaughter.

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