5 Photo Ideas For Baby’s Monthly Growth

We’ve all seen them, and they’re very cute, but taking your baby’s monthly photos doesn’t have to include numbered onesies. Here are 5 ways to document baby’s growth, with varying focuses, in sweet and simple ways.

Beyond the Numbered Onesie 1 of 6
When shooting your baby's monthly photos, you want to document their growth and development. And, while very adorable, sometimes those numbered onseies can be distracting. Most important, we want to see their growth proportionally to their world. Here are 5 ideas for monthly baby photos that go beyond the numbered onesie, yet still highlight baby's growth in cute ways.
Growing Into Her Name 2 of 6
I just adore this idea that Christie, of Lemon Squeezy Home, is doing with her adorable daughter, Ruby. As Ruby grows into her name, we'll immediately notice her changes in relation to the letters. Ruby is still a new infant, but I am looking forward to seeing how Christie manages these photo shoots when Ruby is a little older!
Baby Blocks To Build By 3 of 6
In addition to an adorable way to document baby's monthly growth, these birthday blocks make for fun photo props! I especially love three dimensional props to document monthly photos because, as baby grows, you can catch images of them interacting with the items. Shoot baby's little hands holding a block, or tiny feet next to the numbered month. Handmade by Birthday Blocks, you can document baby's growth by the month, and then by the year.
Favorite Outfit Of The Month 4 of 6
As a new mom to a little girl, I sometimes wanted to document my favorite baby outfits as much as my girl's monthly growth! My daughter had so many cute baby clothes, many that I kept as keepsakes, and I'm happy to have incorporated them into her monthly growth photos. The numbered onesies take that option away from you. So instead, use a large scaled stuffed animal to document proportional growth and every month use some new threads to document your little fashionista's monthly style.
Same Spot, All Year 5 of 6
It took me several months to figure it out, but sometimes picture perfect isn't possible. My boy was extremely wiggly from a young age, so instead of fighting it, I decided to take his monthly photos in the same spot every month - in his crib! Tucked in a corner with his favorite stuffed owl, I was able to document each month of his growth with focus on his development in relation to his crib/owl. Don't give up on monthly photos because your baby is a wiggly worm! Find a safe spot and let them move around. I promise you'll want to document that growth, too.
Front And Center 6 of 6
I adore Modern Mommyhood's take on the monthly photos because the focus is front and center. You can really watch as Morgan's beautiful daughter changes from month to month. From a tiny infant, to a brand new toddler, each photo documents how much Mabel's face has changed! Her hair has grown, you can see her crystal blue eyes, and how much do you love Super Hero Mabel on Month 9? Also, I love that the months are spelled out too, reducing the guess work later on.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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