5 Pro-Breastfeeding and Natural Birth Books For Your Baby's Bookshelf

Growing up I never really heard much about breastfeeding and natural birth.  While my mom did breastfeed me until I was about six-months-old, I feel like it wasn’t very common to see mother’s breastfeeding as I got older. Also, my mom had a c-section and pretty much everyone I knew had at least an epidural. I didn’t even know that waterbirth existed until I was an adult and even then I thought it was for crazy hippies.

Fast forward a few years and here I am a waterbirthing, breastfeeding, placenta-eating, homepathic-taking mama. Who would’ve thought?

It is my hope that as Fern is growing up I can normalize natural birth and breastfeeding for her.  In addition to talking about these things and exposing her to them, books are a great way to teaching tool so I’ve been researching some on the topic to add to our collection.

Here are 5 pro-breastfeeding and natural birth books you might want to add to your bookshelf!

  • Our Water Baby 1 of 5
    Our Water Baby
    A story about the water birth of a new baby.
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  • Mama’s Milk 2 of 5
    Mama's Milk
    A book that shows the nursing relationship between mama mammals and their babies. Kids love animals so this would be fun.
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  • We Like To Nurse 3 of 5
    We Like To Nurse
    Another great book about animals and their nursing babies.
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  • Near Mama’s Heart 4 of 5
    Near Mama's Heart
    A book filled with lovely photos of real babies and their mothers bonding through nursing.
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  • Welcome With Love 5 of 5
    Welcome With Love
    A little boy tells the sweet story of the home birth of his baby brother.
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Any similar books you’d recommend?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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