5 Products for a Less-messy Mealtime with Baby

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Starting your baby on solid foods is truly a monumental time in your and your baby’s life. It’s especially fun to watch them discover new tastes and textures. The first few feeding sessions can offer a glimpse into not only what kinds of food they enjoy but also just how messy a baby can be.

I couldn’t wait for Avery to try solids! We sat her in her high chair, and I had a ripe avocado ready to go. I had my camera in hand and was prepared to snap pictures and document this huge milestone in her life. I started to feed her the mashed avocado with a spoon, but she kept trying to grab the spoon from me. It was hard to take a photo and feed her at the same time, so I opted to just put the avocado on her high chair and let her feed herself.

As I continued to take photos of her eating the avocado and getting it all over her face, I leaned in to get a good shot, and all of the sudden her messy avocado soaked hand slams right into my hair — the hair I had washed only one hour beforehand. I think I was so into the moment that it didn’t register that I had huge clumps of avocado all over me, but it did register that both Avery and I would be needing a bath right after she finished her lunch.

It’s a rookie mistake that I made by taking a shower before feeding Avery. Any parent should know that babies are perhaps at their messiest during feeding time. I won’t — and haven’t — made that mistake since feeding her because I’ve gotten a little bit smarter in protecting myself from flying food.

Check out these 5 awesome products that can help keep parents protected from our little messy eaters!

  • Products to Protect You From Your Messy Eater 1 of 6

    Is your little one a messy eater? Check out these 5 products that will help protect you during mealtime! 

  • Poncho 2 of 6

    Think a poncho is only handy during a rainy day? Think again. This plastic poncho will cover you from head to toe, keeping  you protected from flying smashed peas and carrots! 

    Get it from REI, $5.00

  • Old T-Shirt 3 of 6

    Don't throw out those old T-shirts just yet. Wear them while feeding your little one to protect you from getting your new and pretty clothes from getting ruined. As a mom who has learned firsthand just how much beets can stain a brand-new dress, I will never wear nice clothes to my baby's dinner again. 

    Image via Flickr

  • Shower Cap 4 of 6

    A shower cap will help keep your hair from getting wet in the shower, but it also has other great uses you probably have never heard of. Heading out for the day but have to feed your messy little one? Don't risk having to do your hair all over again. Put on the shower cap, and keep that hair looking as good as new! 

    Get it from, $2.35

  • Apron 5 of 6

    We use an apron to keep our clothes from getting dirty while cooking dinner, so why not use it to keep our clothes from getting dirty from our messy little ones ,who love to spread their food everywhere. I've used this trick plenty of times when feeding Avery, and it's worked quite well!

    Get it from Amazon, $7.47

  • Adult Bib 6 of 6

    The adult bib is, simply put, genius. My husband is a target for getting food on his shirt (and we wonder where Avery gets her messiness from!), so I've always thought about buying him an adult bib to prevent those pesky stains from getting on his shirt. Not only would it keep him clean from his own mess, but it would keep Avery clean as well! They can also sit at dinner next to each other being bib buddies. Just another way for baby to bond with her daddy.


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