5 Reasons I Feel Lucky To Have A Baby Girl

I have one boy, and one girl.

Kara and Evan are so singular, and so unique, that each are really a perfect shining star in my eyes. There are really beautiful, funny, and wonderful things about both boys and girls, but after 2 years of everything boy, I am really focusing-in on the things that are cool and special about having a daughter lately. It’s still so new to me!

Click below to read the top 5 reasons I feel lucky to have a baby girl!

1. She looks like me — Yes, there is some ego involved here, but there is nothing quite like looking into a little face and seeing your own eyes, mouth, and smile in its reflection.

2. She completes the set — When I was pregnant with my second child, I didn’t really care if it would be a boy, or a girl. Now that I have one girl and one boy, I feel really blessed. It is just really cool to have one of each, and my sweet little girl completed the set for our family!

3. The overwhelming cuteness of pink — Silly, but yes, I love dressing a little girl. Ruffles, flowers, and everything pink have shown up in my laundry, and I love it.

4. The relationship we will have — I am best friends with my mother, and I am looking forward to fostering that same kind of loving relationship with Kara. I know that we have many years of good times ahead!

5. Sharing motherhood with her —
While Kara may choose not to have children (that would be just fine!), I do admit that I look forward to a day when I can experience motherhood once more through her eyes. Plus, I’ll be the coolest grandma ever.

Why do you feel lucky to be the parent of a girl?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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