5 Reasons I Know my Baby is a Daddy’s Girl

With Father’s Day on Sunday, I am taking the time to look back at photos of Avery and her daddy. Their relationship has grown so much in the past year that is has been such a pleasure to watch. Over the year, Avery has fallen so much more in love with her daddy. She has become such a daddy’s girl.

She loves spending time with him and gets so excited the second that she sees him. As her mother, I couldn’t be happier that she feels this deep connection with her father. Avery and I have a special bond that is we will always share as mother and daughter. But I think that the relationship between a father and her daughter is extra special.

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    The first person she calls in the morning when she wakes up is dada. As soon as he comes in her room, she jumps up and down in her crib with a huge smile on her face. It makes her so happy that he's the first person she sees in the morning.

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    In the morning, we bring both girls into our bed with us for some extra cuddle time before all four of us get out of bed. Avery immediately goes over to my husband and cuddles up with him. I'll try to cuddle with her and she just laughs at me and squirms away. Cuddles with daddy are so much sweeter.

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    We have so many family photos in frames in our apartment. Avery will point to every single one and point out, "dada." I'll point to me and ask her who that is and she just points to my husband and says, "dada." Sometimes she will be in her room and there is a family photo in there and I'll hear her yelling, "dada!" only to walk in and see her pointing to that photo. Just now as I am writing this, she is sitting next to me look at the computer screen. Guess who she is pointing out in the photo above? Yep, dada.

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    This little girl will use any excuse to sit in her daddy's lap. Quiet time is the perfect time when she will just crawl up in his lap on the couch and just sit there. She loves it.

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    This sad little face is what she does with my husband leaves for work in the morning. She gives him a hug and a kiss, runs to follow him to the door, and then she gets this sad look on her face and starts to cry. She hates seeing him leave every morning because she misses him too much during the day. 

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