5 Reasons I Love Having A Fall Baby

Old enough to enjoy the water this summer!

I will never forget the day I found out I was pregnant.  It was early February, and while certainly not unplanned, the news was unexpected.  We’d been trying for over a year.  In my head, I fast forwarded nine months – a November baby!  Maybe he’d come on Thanksgiving!

Imagine my surprise when, an hour later, after I’d fired up my laptop in order to research every pregnancy question under the sun, I plugged my date into the due date calculator.  October 15th?  That doesn’t seem right.  But it was, and nine months later my little Thanksgiving bird arrived six days late.

Of course the October vs. November part doesn’t matter.  Over the past eight months I’ve realized how nice it was been to have a baby born in the fall.  I’m not talking about any of that red shirting stuff like oldest kid in the classroom, biggest boy on the soccer team, etc.  No, I’m talking about all the selfish mom stuff – like burrowing with a newborn in the winter and exploring fresh fruits in the summer!

Here are five reasons I love having a fall baby…

  • I was mostly pregnant through the summer. 1 of 5
    I was mostly pregnant through the summer.
    A lot of people told me that a summer pregnancy would be horrible, but I ended up absolutely loving it. I spent my pregnancy wearing shorts, tanks, and loose dresses, and didn't have to spend a ton of money on maternity wear. I feel for the mamas who have to buy pants, sweaters, and heavy coats. Those things add up! To be fair, I also live in Seattle where summers are mild and breezy. It was the perfect weather for the bulk of my pregnancy!
  • I cuddled inside with a newborn through the winter. 2 of 5
    I cuddled inside with a newborn through the winter.
    Can you tell I'm really into weather? I'm a very outdoor-sy person, so weather is really important to me. Through our darkest rainiest months, Cullen was an itty bitty boy, and it felt good to hunker down and curl up with him on the couch more often than not. We still went for walks, but it was sort of nice to just stay inside and get to know each other.
  • He’s old enough to enjoy this summer. 3 of 5
    He's old enough to enjoy this summer.
    Cullen will range from 7 to 10 months this summer. This seems like the perfect age for swimming, splashing, eating sand, discovering grass, and exploring all the wonder of the great outdoors. I'm glad he's old enough that I'm not so stressed about having him out for a while, and his two-a-day nap schedule allows us to fit in so much summer fun!
  • He’s exploring solids in the peak of produce season! 4 of 5
    He's exploring solids in the peak of produce season!
    My favorite part of summer this year has been sharing all the amazing summer produce with Cullen. Summer is when fruit and veggies are most plentiful - and therefore most affordable. Cullen can't get enough blueberries, kiwi, cantaloupe, watermelon, peaches, plums, cherries - you name it. I have yet to find a fruit he won't eat!
  • He grew into the stroller by the spring. 5 of 5
    He grew into the stroller by the spring.
    By the time March rolled around, Cullen was five months old and was finally into his big BOB stroller. As it warmed up, we started going outside for daily walks and play dates in the park.

I’m hoping we can aim for future fall babies down the road.  It would be nice to recycle all the baby and maternity clothes!  Of course I’m not implying that a spring, summer, or winter baby is less desirable in any way.  I’ve just really enjoyed how Cullen’s growth has changed with the seasons.  I’ve also learned that nature does not operate on schedules, so I’ll take whatever I’m given when that time comes.

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