5 Reasons I Love My IUD

My new love affair

Two weeks ago I got my IUD put in. And to say I was scared to death would have totally been an understatement, but I went through with it because I know it was something I needed to do.

We are not in a position to afford anymore kids, and I think my sanity would go flying right out the window. But that is totally besides the point.

I went on a Wednesday my husband had off from work, which just so happened to be the day before Thanksgiving as well, and of course I was able to join my family the next day for our annual feast with minimal pain.

Since there are so many people out there who really are on the fence or skeptical and worried about the process as a whole I thought I would share why I love my IUD.

Do you love yours?

  • No pill to remember! 1 of 5
    No pill to remember!
    No need to remember a pill at the same time every day. Even with my pill reminder app on my iPhone I would always forget, or not have my pill with me. Totally eliminates that!
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  • It lasts 5 years! 2 of 5
    It lasts 5 years!
    Nothing better than a form of birth control that you can keep in for five years. Because that is about the next time I will actually remember to TAKE birth control!
  • No period! 3 of 5
    No period!
    I used to love being on the depo shot because I would only get my period every three months. Now the promise of no period for a couple years is amazing. So far no spotting either! SCORE!
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  • Hormones aren’t bad! 4 of 5
    Hormones aren't bad!
    Everyone told me the hormones were going to turn me into an instant nut job... Well looks like I am handling them perfectly fine! Except for the minor cry here and there...
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  • The placement wasn’t that bad 5 of 5
    The placement wasn't that bad
    I was scared to death of having it placed. But honestly just a couple cramps and it was in... no big deal. I think the days leading up to it was worse than actually having it put in.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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