5 Reasons to Raise a Baby in the Suburbs

I’ve been having an internal debate with myself ever since I found out I was pregnant with my third child. Being in the city, with limited space and a limited income, it puts the future of where to live up in the air. Because the pregnancy was completely unexpected, we really didn’t think that we would have to make a decision like this anytime soon.

We always thought about moving to the suburbs, but figured it would probably be when the kids were much older. I am going to try to do my best to make our new family of five live in the city because I really do love it so much. However, the more that I think about it and the more that we spend time out of the city, the more I begin to think that suburban life might be a positive move for our family as a whole.

The girls have really enjoyed their time in the suburbs and part of me wonders if they are missing out because they don’t have all of the things that suburban families do. There are many reasons why I think it’s a great idea to raise a baby in the suburbs.

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    Grocery stores in the city are not like anything in the suburbs. There's no big, wide aisles. Instead you are navigating your way through playing bumper carts with all of the other shoppers. Because of this, I hardly ever bring the girls with me to go shopping. It's just too stressful. In the suburbs, you have so many great stores with big aisles that the girls would love to enjoy with me and I would actually enjoy having them come! 

  • We Will Have Room for Big Outdoor Toys 3 of 6

    My parents and in-laws have all of these great toys for the girls to play outside while we are visiting. They have so much fun and constantly ask if we can get one for our apartment. The answer is always no because we have no space to hold it and we really don't have a place to have them ride together. I always feel so bad after telling them no because they have so much fun with them. I remember how much fun I had as a kid with my Powerwheels car riding up and down my driveway. A part of me longs for my girls to have that too. 

  • More Space to Play 4 of 6

    I thought that moving into a smaller apartment would actually work in my favor because it's less space to clean. But what it actually means is more clutter and less room to put all of the baby stuff. I never realized how much I disliked clutter until we moved into an apartment. Now I feel like I can't escape it. More room would definitely be much appreciated and the girls could have space for their stuff. 

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    The girls have spent nearly every day at my in-laws neighborhood pool. We've gone in the morning when no one else was there and in the evening right before dinner. It's been so nice to just sit and relax while the girls splash around and have fun. We don't have anywhere like this in the city. After seeing how much they love it, I kind of wish we had a place where they could go more often. 

  • Backyard for Endless Play 6 of 6

    Central Park is our "backyard" and while it's not a shabby outdoor area, we just can't step outside and have it right there. The girls have loved playing outside. Whether it's in their pajamas or play clothes, they always want to go out back and play. 

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