5 Signs My Baby Is Teething

image source: thinkstock
image source: thinkstock

Before I had kids, I always assumed that babies didn’t get teeth until they were something like nine months old.  So imagine my surprise when mine started drooling and chewing at 8 weeks, and everyone started telling me “I bet he is teething!”

Teething?  Isn’t that for old babies?  My little guy is three months old now, and while I still find it hard to believe that he’d be teething quite this early, there are a few tell-tale signs that are hard to ignore…

1. He’s chewing on everything!

Nothing is safe from my little guy’s mouth. Blankets, toys, straps to the baby carrier: you name it, he’s chewing on it.

2. He’s crankier than usual.

My happy little guy is particularly cranky these days, and there has to be a reason other than the fact that he’s just sick of me — right?

3. His hands are constantly in his mouth.

Now that he has discovered his hands, they rarely leave his mouth. He spends all day covered and drool and grabbing at me with slimy fingers!

4. His cheeks are rosy.

When his cheeks first turned red, I was worried that perhaps he had a fever. But they have been pink and rosy for a few weeks now, and I’ve read this might be a sign of teething.

5. He’s not sleeping well.

These past few weeks have been a major step backward in the sleep department. We went from getting stretches of 7-8 hours, down to only getting 3-4 at a time. I’m hoping this phase ends soon!

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