5 Signs Your Baby Might Be Ready to Drop a Nap

With all of the traveling that we’ve been doing lately, Avery’s schedule has been so out of whack. We’ve shared rooms, been on the go nearly all day long, and she’s been going to bed way past her bedtime. While we were gone, she managed to only take one nap each day. Despite my efforts to keep her on her normal two nap a day routine, it just wasn’t working.

Now that we are back in the city and slowly getting back to normal, I am desperately trying to get her on her normal nap schedule. The problem is, she isn’t having it. It seems that at nearly 13 months, Avery has no interest in her second nap in the afternoon. Over the past month, she’s given me plenty of signs that she’s ready to drop to only one nap a day.

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    Are They Ready?
    Click through for some signs that your baby might be ready to drop a nap.
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    Sleeping in Later
    Avery usually sleeps around 11 hours at night. We put her down at 7:00 and she is up between 6:00 and 6:30. Lately Avery has been sleeping around 13 hours at night and sometimes won't wake up until after 8:00!
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    Delayed Nap
    Due to Avery sleeping in more than an hour later, I've had to delay her morning nap. She used to go down at 9:30 and now I don't put her down until 11:00.
  • Longer Nap 4 of 6
    Longer Nap
    Even with that extra hour of sleep at night, Avery's first nap is at least over 2 hours. That means that she is waking up in the middle of the afternoon almost too late for a second nap.
  • Resisting Second Nap 5 of 6
    Resisting Second Nap
    If I try to lay her down, even for a quick power nap, Avery just refuses. She will stand in her crib yelling my name. Sometimes she will just sit in her crib playing with something or rolling around keeping herself busy. She is making it very clear that she doesn't want to fall asleep.
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    Happy at Bedtime, Even Without A Second Nap
    Even without a second nap during the day, Avery is very happy at bedtime. I figured that she would be cranky, fussy, and ready to pass out at any moment, but she's proved to us that she still has plenty of energy to get through the day!

When did your baby drop down to only one nap?

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