5 Surprising Milestones Every New Mom Has

Two days after giving birth, a loving nurse checked us out of the hospital and helped us into our car. She loaded my overnight bag into the trunk and made sure the baby seat and base was properly secured. She then shut my passenger-side door, and my husband drove away, headed home.

Just like that, we were parents. My new baby’s sole providers. And let’s be honest, we were completely and utterly nervous. No more nurses to check baby’s vitals, no more doctors stopping by just to see how we were doing. We were in charge now, and all the responsibilities rested on our tired shoulders.

And just as a baby goes through transitions and milestones, new moms do, too. Tiny little things that in hindsight might feel silly and foolish to worry about are really big deals when you’re living through them in the moment.

Here are 5 surprising milestones every new mom has!

  • Leaving my son in the care of someone other than my husband. 1 of 5

    It took a gigantic leap of faith, but the first time I left my son with someone other than my husband was with my mother so I could go to the doctor and quickly run a few errands. Deep down, I knew my son would be in excellent care, and I knew I was only a phone call away. But still, it was a tough milestone to hurdle, leaving my heart and soul in the care of someone else.

  • Surviving baby’s first fever. 2 of 5

    The first time my son got sick and experienced a fever was probably one of the scariest and helpless things I've ever endured. Looking back, I now know babies get fevers all the time for 100 different reasons, but that's what makes them so terrifying! Surviving baby's first fever definitely ranks as one of my most memorable new-mommy milestones I'm glad to have behind me.

  • Surviving my first public diaper blowout. 3 of 5

    It's a dirty rite of passage all new parents will unfortunately go through at some point, the dreaded public blowout. Getting through (and surviving — because yes, I lived to tell) my first epic baby mess in public resulted in a hasty trip to the store (mama needed a new shirt, because sometimes blowouts happen while you're holding the baby if you know what I mean) and a really long post-excursion hot shower.

  • Making my first new "mom" friend. 4 of 5
    baby Paul, 8 days old

    Making my first new "mom" friend. At 26 years old, I was one of the first of my friends to become a mom. Being a mom without another "mom" friend can be isolating and lonely, primarily because some days you just want someone else in a similar life situation to be able to relate to. I remember meeting a neighbor a block down the street who had a child only a couple months older than mine. From that point on, we often met at the park or had play-dates at each others' homes. Breaking the ice and finally meeting a "mom" friend was harder than I thought it would be, but was deep sigh of relief when I it finally happened.

  • Enjoying baby’s first long(ish) stretch of sleep. 5 of 5

    All babies' sleep patterns fluctuate, but even under the best circumstances, those first couple of months are brutally exhausting. I remember the first time my newborn slept a solid 5 hours in a row, I woke up thinking something was wrong or I had slept through a feeding! I rushed to his crib, and it was then that I realized we had crossed a long-awaited milestone. Longer stretches of sleep had arrived, and I was over the moon.

How about you? What “mom milestone” surprised you when you first became a new mother?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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