5 Things All Parents Must Do When They Have a Weekend To Themselves

I realize that having a weekend with just your significant other is a rare occurrence for many couples. Having kids can put an end to weekends alone with just the two of you. But, it can happen. I mentioned earlier this week that my husband and I are having a little staycation this weekend in the city and leaving the girls behind with a sitter. It’s the first time in over a year that we have been alone together without little girls to look after and we are so incredibly excited!

We don’t have a huge agenda for the weekend, which is completely not like us. My husband is a big planner and loves to have activities planned when we go on vacation. This weekend, we are both about complete relaxation. Having two little ones in the house can be stressful and exhausting that we just want to decompress and spend time with one another alone.

After thinking about it for a while, there are five things that I know we must do while we are alone this weekend. They don’t require much planning and will make both of us incredibly happy. They are must-dos for every couple leaving the kiddos behind for a vacation.

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  • Be Lovebirds 1 of 5
    Be Lovebirds
    Remember when you used to hold hands walking together? Now that has been taken over by holding the hands of your baby or pushing a stroller. Take a step back in time to when you just started dating and you loved showing one another public displays of affection. Be that cute couple that everyone stares at from across the room because you are just so darn in love with one another they can't stand it. Bring a little romance back into the weekend. It's fun and can bring a spark back to the relationship.
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  • Do One Thing You Used To Love Doing Before You Had Kids 2 of 5
    Do One Thing You Used To Love Doing Before You Had Kids
    There are so many things that my husband and I used to do all of the time before we had kids that we hardly have time for now. We often went to movies, dancing, bowling, and even sat at home and played board games. It's hard to do some of those things now because a big priority in our lives is our girls. Take a moment out of the weekend and do something that will bring you back to the old days before you had kids. Let me memories rush back and enjoy them!
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  • Sleep In 3 of 5
    Sleep In
    Sleep is a rare commodity once you have children. You never realize the importance of a good night's sleep until you bring that newborn home from the hospital and have several nights without it. Take advantage of no early morning wake up calls from your little one and sleep in. Don't set an alarm. If your internal clock wakes you up before sunrise, don't get out of bed. Just sit, relax and enjoy the silence. You will thank yourself later when you feel refreshed and well rested.
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  • Stay Out Late 4 of 5
    Stay Out Late
    I usually stay up late at night but that is because it is the only time the apartment is silent and I can get all of my work finished. Even when my husband and I have a date night we always make sure to make it home rather early because we know that it will be harder for us in the morning if we stay out late and have to wake up to the little ones at the break of dawn. Take advantage of not having to wake up early the next morning and stay up late at night. Whether it's just up talking to one another (about something other than the kids,) having dinner at a fancy restaurant, or just a night out dancing, stay out past your bedtime and enjoy it!
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  • Unplug 5 of 5
    We are in an age of continuous technology. I am guilty of it all the time. If I'm not on the computer then I am on my iPhone. If I am not on my phone I am watching television or playing on the iPad. It's a constant cycle. Turn the phones on silent (don't turn it off just in case your sitter needs you) and forget about them. Don't check emails, don't tweet, and save the instagramming for later. I promise you, your friends don't need to find out what you had for dinner all the time. Take the time you have with your significant other to talk. Don't talk about the kids or work. Chat about the things you used to before your children consumed your life. Get to know one another again.
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