5 Things I Didn't Expect Post-Partum

me and wolfWhile I was pregnant, I gleefully wrote about a few things I would either miss or not miss about being pregnant.  I definitely don’t miss having to pee all the time or having a giant belly and definitely prefer seeing my son’s face over wondering if that was a foot or a knee that just jabbed me in the side.  But there were a few things I didn’t expect I’d experience post-partum and here’s what they are:

My hair has been coming out in chunks. Everyone says it but I really didn’t expect that my hair would fall out.  Before I was pregnant, I always lost a fair amount of hair while blowdrying or combing after a shower.  But since Wolf was born, I’ve been seeing a gradual increase in the amount of hair that ends up in the sink.  Pretty soon I’m sure my husband will be fussing at me when he’s unclogging the drain.

At 2 months PP, I’ve still got the “pregnancy mark”. The Linea Negra, or that fun dark line that pregnant women get down the center of their bellies.  I guess I thought it would go away immediately, and I know {or hope} that it eventually will but I really didn’t expect it to stick around for so long!

I’m still wearing those dang panty liners. I know, I know…  Last time I thought it was  TMI, and I still do but hey, I’m sure I’m not the only one!  The panty liners are a drag.  Seriously, when will I go back to simply wearing a pair of underwear?!

I miss my pregnant body – A LOT. I knew I’d miss being pregnant.  I loved my belly and I loved showing it off.  What I don’t like now is that fun layer of fat that surrounds my middle where my belly once was.  Good bye tight tank tops, hello blousey dresses!

I didn’t expect that I’d feel so much emotion. I went through a lot of different emotions during these first two months and while I don’t think I experienced PPD, I definitely had a really hard time.  It was tough for me to deal with the unexpected challenges with becoming a new mom.  Plus, all the new responsibility!!  But while I felt really sad at times I also felt a ridiculous amount of love for my new baby.  He’s so darn cool.  🙂

What about you?  Were there any unexpected things that you experienced post-partum?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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