5 Things I Love About My Baby

My daughter is my last baby. Our family is complete and I’m totally content with that idea. I feel lucky to know that already so that I can easily remember not to take the little things about being with a baby for granted. It’s totally true that the baby days go by faster than you can believe so it’s important to stop and smell the flowers. Or the baby’s head. You know what I mean.

I try to slow myself down each day and really notice the details about my sweet little girl. There are so many things that change and fade into memory as babies become toddlers then preschoolers. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the minutia of diaper changes and solid-food rules and well baby visits and milestones. Taking time to step back from all that and just look at your baby, listen to her little voice, tickle her soft tummy is a good way to capture memories of this special but oh-so-short time.

Here are five things about my baby that I’m taking the time to really savor!

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  • One Tooth Grins 2 of 6
    My baby only has one tiny tooth on the bottom and it's just so stinkin' cute. The days of the single tooth are numbered (I can see the second one coming fast) so I'm coaxing all the smiles I can!
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  • Downy Hair 3 of 6
    There's nothing as soft and silky as a bay's head. I make a point of stroking my daughter's hair every day.
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  • Baby Neck Smell 4 of 6
    The spot right behind my baby's ear? I huff that every time I pick her up. It's intoxicating!
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  • MIlk Breath 5 of 6
    The little puffs of milk breath when I play peekaboo right after a feeding are just delightful.
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  • Squishy Feet 6 of 6
    My baby's feet are all soft and squishy. They change after babies start walking so I enjoy those squishy piggies while I can!
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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