5 Things I'm Worried About When Leaving My Baby Overnight

I’m leaving Avery for my first real overnight trip next week and I am a total and complete mess about it. I did spend two nights away from her a couple of weeks ago, but I was still here in the city and could have been home in a matter of minutes if she needed me. Next week it won’t be that easy. I am leaving for San Francisco for a business trip for three days. It’s clear across the country and not just a quick trip home if anyone needs me.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve only taken a couple of trips away from my children. The longest I have ever been away from them is a total of two days. I know that it is super important for me to be able to get away every once in a while on my own, but it doesn’t make it any easier to leave them.

I am very thankful that my mother-in-law is coming into the city to help watch the girls while my husband is at work. It gives me so much peace of mind knowing that a family member is looking after them. But no matter who is with them, I think it is only natural for me to worry about things when I am gone. Here are the 5 things that I am worried about leaving the girls.

  • Will I Have Enough Milk? 1 of 5
    Will I Have Enough Milk?
    This question has been on my mind since the second I found out that I had to go on this trip. I have absolutely no idea how much milk I will need because Avery is on an on demand feeding schedule. We do have some routine throughout our day, but she finds comfort in breastfeeding and if she needs it I give it to her. I've tried to pump as much as I can to keep my milk stash plentiful, but I am still extremely nervous.
  • Will Avery Remember Me When I Return? 2 of 5
    Will Avery Remember Me When I Return?
    I don't know if Avery has a sense of time at all, but I am terrified that I will get back from my trip and she is going to wonder who the heck I am. Of course I am probably being VERY overdramatic, but it's still a concern in the back of my mind. I know Harlan will remember me and she is actually looking forward to me leaving because she gets quality time with her grandmother. But because Avery isn't old enough to "get" it yet, I am so scared she will have a hard time adjusting when I return.
  • Will Avery Still Want to Nurse? 3 of 5
    Will Avery Still Want to Nurse?
    Breastfeeding is such a bonding time between me and Avery. I love every single second of it. Avery doesn't get a bottle very often unless I am away from her during a feeding time. She will be exclusively on a bottle for three days. I am so worried that she will get used to being on a bottle and won't want to nurse when I return.
  • How Am I Going to Pump and Store My Milk While I am Gone? 4 of 5
    How Am I Going to Pump and Store My Milk While I am Gone?
    Since I've never traveled apart from my girls, I have no idea how I am going to pump and carry my milk around with me everywhere. I know that airports are generally pretty good with breast milk because I've travelled with it before, but I have never done it by myself. I want to make sure that I can bring back all of the milk that I pump and not have to throw it out.
  • Will I Be Able to Relax and Have a Good Time? 5 of 5
    Will I Be Able to Relax and Have a Good Time?
    I am with my girls all of the time. Of course there are moments when I take time for myself, but I am always reunited with them a few hours later. I want to be able to have a good time while I am away. An opportunity like the one I have doesn't come around very often. I really hope that I can relax and realize that the girls are in very good hands.


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