5 Things I’ve Learned About Breastfeeding

So, you’ve decided to breastfeed. It’s a solid choice and has loads of benefits for the baby. It also burns 500 calories a day – BONUS!

You probably read a bit about breastfeeding, maybe took a class if your hospital offered one. Maybe you trolled the web for breastfeeding discussions or talked to other moms you know about what to expect as a nursing mother. But nothing can truly prepare you for the incredible experience of breastfeeding your very own baby using your very own breasts.

I’m on my second go-round as a breastfeeder and I was surprised at how easily it all came back to me with baby number two. I’m also surprised about how much I forgot in the interval between my two kids. Lots of things have come rushing back to me all at once, some pleasant others more wearying. Like, I’d forgotten how satisfying it is to watch a milk-drunk baby pop off the breast, fast asleep. And I’d forgotten how much I dislike the sensation of tiny fingernails clawing at my chest (shudder). But all in all, breastfeeding remains one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had a mother.

Here are five of things that I found to be true about breastfeeding that I think other nursing moms should know:

  • Your Boobs Are Your Boss 1 of 5
    Your Boobs Are Your Boss
    Ideally, your boobs produce just as much as milk as your baby need, when your baby needs it. This probably means your boobs will get uncomfortably full every few hours, whether you're with your baby or not. This can be an issue when planning a workday or an evening out. Think ahead!
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  • Nursing Calms You As Well As the Baby 2 of 5
    Nursing Calms You As Well As the Baby
    Maybe it's the flood of oxytocin when you nurse or maybe it's just the relief of giving a fussy baby what she needs, but nursing seems to take the edge off the new-mom stress we all feel. I find I'm calmer and more patient after a nursing session.
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  • Your Breasts Change Size 3 of 5
    Your Breasts Change Size
    At first, your breasts will seem incomprehensibly huge and you'll be shopping for nursing bras with letters in the sizes that would have killed your GPA in high school. But over time, as your supply regulates and your weight changes, you'll probably need smaller bras. Take stock of how well your bras fit every few months and get new ones as needed.
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  • Beware of Dresses! 4 of 5
    Beware of Dresses!
    Not all dresses have necklines that accommodate easy breastfeeding. Check your outfit before you go out and realize that the only way to feed your baby would involve total nudity.
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  • Time Is Fleeting 5 of 5
    Time Is Fleeting
    Nursing changes as your baby grows. Stop to take in the little details of each different stage. And take the time to love them before they make way for the next thing.
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