5 Things That Make Breastfeeding Easier The Second Time

I am so relieved and happy that breastfeeding is working with my second child.

It is hard for me to articulate the pain and sadness that I felt when breastfeeding didn’t work with my first baby, and I am really glad that I chose to give it another try in spite of my fear of failure.

There are definitely some reasons for our breastfeeding success this time, and I really wish that I had the knowledge and confidence with my first baby that I have now.

Here are the top 5 reasons breastfeeding my second child has been easier!

1. Vaginal delivery — I had a c-section due to breech presentation with my son in 2009, and the pain that followed my surgery was a major deterrent when it came to trying to focus on successfully breastfeeding. It was all I could do to function, much less devote the time and effort to breastfeeding. This time I had a VBAC, and the quick recovery has allowed me to spend more quality time with my baby and our breastfeeding relationship.

2. Experience — EVERYTHING was new when I had my first baby, and breastfeeding wasn’t the only learning curve that I faced. This time, I had plenty of practice, so I was able to jump into caring for a newborn with experience.

3. Confidence — While I still have moments of breastfeeding insecurity, I generally trust now that if my baby is gaining weight, she is getting enough milk, and therefore she is FINE. I was really obsessed with worry about whether or not I was producing enough milk with my first baby, but this time, I more confident that things are on track.

4. Support from my husband — He was on board with breastfeeding our first child too, but again, our lack of experience and confidence made us both question the decision to press on. This time, he is my biggest cheerleader.

5. Luck — Some babies just take to breastfeeding with more ease than others, and I am simply lucky that Kara seems to have a better grip on the whole thing than Evan did. Knock on wood!

Did you find success with breastfeeding subsequent children? What made it easier for you?

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