5 Things You SHOULD Say to a New Parent

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There are a lot of blog posts about what not to say to new parents, new moms, new dads, your dentist, your barista … the list goes on and on. The first time I saw one of these posts it was novel, but over time these posts have started to feel negative and a bit bossy. Is there really anything left that we actually can say to people?

So, I decided to put a positive spin on it. Here are five things you should definitely say to new parents … you know … assuming you feel so inclined. I promise I’m not trying to be bossy about it, but I can pretty much guarantee that most new parents would love any of these!

1. “Can I bring you dinner?”

New parents are going through a ton of transitions as they adjust to life with a baby, and sometimes the day-to-day tasks can feel a bit overwhelming. Offering to bring a meal is a practical way that you can help a new family as they’re adjusting to this new life, and it will certainly be welcomed.

2. “You look great!”

This one is for the new moms. After a mama has gone through nine months of having her body highjacked by the miracle of pregnancy, she has to go through postpartum … hair falling out, dull skin, a body that doesn’t look as it once did. It can be tough on a fragile new mama’s psyche. Tell her she looks good and it will make her day and give her a much-needed boost.

3. “Tell me about your birth/new parenthood/how things are going.”

Sometimes what a new parent needs most is a listening ear. Ask them questions and let them talk. Listen to a new mama relive her birth story, or let a new dad talk about the joys and challenges of new parenthood. Having permission to chat about the ups and downs of this new stage of life will be much appreciated by new parents.

4. “You’re doing great!”

During the early days of new parenthood it’s easy to feel like you suck at it. The learning curve is steep and it can take a bit to catch on, but hearing an encouraging word from someone else telling you you’re doing a good job can be enough to keep you going on those tough days. So take note of the positive things your new parent friend is doing as a parent and let them know!

5. “It’s not forever.”

If you’ve been there, done that, and already earned the merit badge for new parenthood, then encourage other new parents in your life by reminding them that this season isn’t forever. Let them know that you’ve been there and it’s OK to struggle through, but also let them know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and they’ll get the hang of it before they know it.

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