5 Tips for Better Naps

I fear that I have blown it.

Not in any big way. I’m not driving around with the car seat loose in the back or anything like that. No, I have fallen victim to the lap nap.

You know the lap nap, right? When your baby falls asleep on you and you either can’t or just don’t transfer her to her bed to finish out her snooze. “It’s nice!” you tell yourself. “Snuggly! And it gives me a chance to relax.”

That’s usually my thinking and yeah, it is nice and snuggly and I’m having a moment to sit still. Which I want sometimes. Other times? I’d like go set the baby in bed and do a few things. Also, letting her nap on me means I hold her, like, all day. I get kinda touched out.

Tragically, babies are creatures of habit when it comes to sleep and they don’t understand, “Mommy wants a cuddle sometimes, but also wants to reserve the option of you sleeping in your crib at other times, m’kay.” No, babies who try the lap nap often insist on the lap nap after that.

The only fix for it is to rejigger the nap routine and get her adjusted to sleeping in bed for naps. Here are 5 tricks I’ll use to get better naps:

  • Pick One Spot For Naps 1 of 5
    Pick One Spot For Naps
    You know how you have trouble falling asleep in a strange bed? Babies have trouble sleeping in random spots too. Better to have a consistent place for sleep.
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  • Don’t Nurse To Sleep 2 of 5
    Don't Nurse To Sleep
    This is hard advice to follow because nursing a baby to sleep is just so darn easy. But eventually they'll need to break the habit. Nurse before going into the baby's room and try rocking or cuddling before sleep instead.
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  • Keep It Regular 3 of 5
    Keep It Regular
    Pick nap times and try to stcik to them, even if it means adjusting your schedule a bit to accommodate naps. But don't be rigid about it -- follow baby's sleep cues!
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  • Make It Dark 4 of 5
    Make It Dark
    This may sound overly simplistic but some dark cutains to dim a room during the day can make a world of difference for naps!
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  • Give Baby A Minute 5 of 5
    Give Baby A Minute
    If you put your baby down drowsy but awake, don't expect his eyes to shut immediately. It'll take some time for him to get comfy and drift off, and he might whimper and rustle around. Don't think that means the nap isn't coming; he's just getting settled!
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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