5 Tips For Dads On Dressing Baby Girls

My husband recently admitted to me that he finds dressing our daughter a little intimidating. This surprised me a little. My husband dresses himself really well – though he is prone to ask me if a particular tie works with a particular shirt – and he never had trouble dressing our son. Then again, boy’s clothes are pretty straight forward: jeans and t-shirts rule the day and really have since he was very little. There’s a whole lot more variety in our daughter’s closet.

I’ve told him that his best bet is to keep it simple when he dresses ur baby girl and he does pretty well. Sure, today he had her in leggings as pants but I think that’s fashionably acceptable for babies (if you ever see me doing that, stage an intervention – please).¬†However, in light of his anxiety on the matter, I put together few handy tips for dads who find dressing baby girls difficult.

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  • No Hoochie! 2 of 6
    Baby Bunny

    Chris Rock famously tells dads that they need to keep their daughters "off the pole." That means no dressing babies in clothes that are reminiscent of Vegas or the Playboy Mansion. Please.


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    Trust the manufacturer. If a couple pieces came together as an outfit, put them together as an outfit.

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    Keep warm

    Yes, there may be sundresses in your daughter's closet. But don't put them on her if it's too cold out for them. Stick with seasonally appropriate attire.

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  • A Word On Pink 5 of 6

    Not all pinks are created equal. Some work together. Other don't. If you're not sure, pick on pink item and stick with neutrals for the rest of the outfit. This is true for all bright colors, actually.

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    Simply cute

    When all else fails, think of the adult women in your life. If they wear jeans and t-shirts, you can assume it's safe for your daughter to wear them, too. 

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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