5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Warm and Safe in their Car Seat this Winter

Living in New York City means that most of our daily activity is done outside. Yes, even in the middle of a snow storm, I still have to somehow manage to get from point A to point B all while making sure both girls are warm and safe.

Avery is still in her infant car seat carrier so that I can easily transfer her from the taxi to the stroller without any trouble. Although New York City laws don’t require Avery to be in a car seat while riding, I always feel the safest when I have her properly in a car seat and buckled in the taxi. With us going in and out of the cold weather frequently, it’s always on my mind to make sure that she is warm in her car seat, but I also don’t want to keep her unsafe.

There are many do’s and don’ts on how to keep your baby as safe and warm as possible during these cold winter months. Check out the tips below to keep your little one cozy and carefree in the car seat this winter.

  1. Don’t buckle them in the car seat with their jacket on. This is probably the most important thing you need to remember during the winter season. Although it will keep them warm, their coats will create padding between your child and the car seat which doesn’t allow for the straps to tighten as much as they should be to keep your child as safe as possible. Although they may look tight with the jacket on, there will still be some slack in the event that you are in an accident and the jacket compresses.
  2. Keep a blanket in your car at all times. Rather than keeping their coat on, keep a blanket in your car so that you can drape it right over them as soon as you get in the car and buckled up. Make sure that you don’t tuck the blanket underneath the harness of the car seat straps. You always want to make sure there is no barrier between the harness and your child. Keeping a blanket in the car will always keep your little one warm and you never have to worry about needing something when they do get cold because you will always have one stocked in your car.
  3. Layer up. It’s always a great idea to put a couple of extra layers on your little one before braving the cold weather outside. Since it’s been cold here in NYC, I’ve always put a pair of tights on Avery to go under her pants so that her legs stay warm. She also wears a long sleeve onesie under her clothes as well. These extra layers won’t give them the warmth of a jacket, but they won’t alter the safety of the harness of the car seat.
  4. Turn the car on early to get it warm before entering. I used to love when my parents turned on their car early before taking me to school when I was little. I would always run outside in the freezing cold only to be welcomed to the nice and cozy warm car. Imagine your little one’s delight when they get put in their car seat in a car that is already warm and ready to go. That way they won’t fight about taking off their jacket because they will already have warmed up thanks to the car heaters.
  5. Buy a safe car seat cover. If your baby is in a car seat carrier and you are worried that they might be cold when transferring from the car into the stroller, there are plenty of car seat covers that are safe for your child and will keep them warm. Make sure that you don’t buy one that attaches to the straps or harness of the car seat and creates a layer between your baby and the car seat as that will affect the safety of your child. If you purchase a car seat cover, buy one that attaches over the entire car seat as this will keep your baby safe without interfering with the car seat straps.

What tips do you have to keep your baby safe in the car seat this winter?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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