5 Tips for Taking Baby to a Baseball Game

Baseball is one of me and my husbands favorite sports. We are very lucky to live in a city with two baseball teams and stadiums nearby. We wanted to introduce our girls to baseball early on, so we started taking them to baseball games at a young age. Many people thought we were crazy for bringing a baby to a baseball game, but little did they know it’s actually a lot of fun.

We’ve made it to several games this season and have brought Avery to every single one of them. The best part is that we’ve been able to stay the entire game without even as much as a whimper from Avery. Baseball games are very kid and baby friendly and I recommend taking your little one as soon as you can. But before you head out to the stadium, check out these tips for taking your little one to a baseball game.

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    Check out these tips for taking baby to a baseball game. 

  • Bring Your Carrier 2 of 6

    This has been a lifesaver on our trips to the stadium. Since we don't have a car, we have to take the train into the stadium. Taking the train requires a lot of walking and holding Avery. The carrier makes everything so much easier. It also makes it a breeze to get through the stadium. I can easily go get food and still have both hands while still carrying Avery. We love to walk around the stadium and just look around at things and it still leaves my hands free to do other things.

  • Make use of the space between the seats. 3 of 6

    A lot of times there is space between the seats leaving room for Avery to walk around. There is no way that she will sit in our laps the entire game so we just let her walk back and forth between the seats. My husband and I sit on opposite ends to block her from escaping. She loves standing and "talking" with the other fans around her.

  • Souvenir Cups Are Your Friend 4 of 6

    I've never seen a baby be so intrigued by a souvenir cup. As soon as we were finished I washed it out and she played with it throughout the game. She loved when I put some of her snacks in the cup for her to reach in and get herself.

  • Bring Baby a Hat 5 of 6
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    Baseball games are smack dab in the middle of the hottest months of the year. Chances are you are sitting out in the middle of the sun beating down on you and your little one. Bring a hat for them to wear to keep the sun out of baby's face. It's also a great way to show off their team spirit. 

  • Bring a Snack 6 of 6
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    While baseball games have a ton of delicious snacks for us to enjoy, they don't really have a lot of baby friendly items. Games can last up to four hours and that can leave your baby very hungry. Try to bring a lot of snacks for baby. Not only will it leave their stomach full but they are great distracters to keep them busy during the game.

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