5 Tips to Curb a Biting Breastfeeder

5 tips to curb the biting breastfeederThis past month, Paul cut his first couple teeth. Currently, he has two little nubs sticking out of his bottom gum, and in my totally bias opinion, he’s an adorable mess.

But you want to know what isn’t adorable at all? Using my nipple as a teething toy. You know what I mean, let’s just saw he’s started chomping down on the hand that feeds him.

I mean, I don’t blame him. In fact, I totally get it. He wants to put everything in his mouth and chew it. So why would my nipple be an exception?

But the biting needs to stop, and I’m doing my best to swiftly curb this undesirable behavior.

5 tricks I’m using to curb my biting breastfeeder:

  • Before breastfeeding, first offer a chilled teether. 1 of 5
    Before breastfeeding, first offer a chilled teether.
    If I know Paul is teething, I'll give him a cold spoon or chew toy first, to numb the pain. Hopefully then he doesn't use my nipple as a teether.
  • Nurse in a dark, quiet space. 2 of 5
    Nurse in a dark, quiet space.
    As Paul gets older, he's increasingly more alert to the world around him. When I can, I nurse in a quite and dim room, to minimize distractions, like his older siblings. When his siblings are around, he jerks his head around to check out the action, thus clamping down on my nipple.
  • Avoid yelling out in pain. 3 of 5
    Avoid yelling out in pain.
    I know it's human nature to yell out when being hurt or in pain, but I try my best not to make a loud noise while getting bit. And never, do I express anger towards the baby. Paul is a tender-heart, and I don't want to scare him out of breastfeeding completely.
  • Take baby off breast when bit. 4 of 5
    Take baby off breast when bit.
    When I've gotten bit, I immediately take Paul off the breast for a few moments. This hopefully is teaching him that if he wants to nurse, biting will not be tolerated. If he wants to nurse, he's going to have to comply with my rules!
  • Nurse on an empty belly. 5 of 5
    Nurse on an empty belly.
    Our best nursing sessions come when I know Paul has an empty belly. This way, we stick to the business at hand, which is eating, instead of losing focus and playing around, oftentimes resulting in biting.

I’m by no means going to stop breastfeeding on account of this little hiccup in the road, but the biting on mommy needs to stop. Like yesterday.

How about you? Did your baby every bite you while breastfeeding? How did you cope?

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