5 Tips to Help Your Baby Stop Biting

We’ve officially entered a territory that I have never been in before. Yes, my child is a biter. Avery has started to bite and it’s absolutely terrifying. I never had to deal with this with Harlan, so I am going about this without any prior knowledge on the subject.

I’m not sure if it’s the teething that Avery is currently going through or some of the frustration that she gets when she is playing, but no matter what it is her current reaction to all of it is to bite. And let me tell you, she may be tiny, but her bites hurt. She bit my shoulder last week and it left a bruise.

It’s been about a month now that we’ve been dealing with the biting. It comes and goes in spurts and thank goodness she hasn’t bit any of her friends on playdates. While I am no expert on the subject, I have found that there are several things that have helped us to curb her biting.

Check out some of the methods that have worked for us to help your baby stop biting.

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  • Give Them Something to Chew On 2 of 6
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    This was the first thing that I tried with Avery. Sometimes I think that she bites because she is teething and it feels better to bite on things. I just saw that her molars are coming in and that could be a huge reason that she feels the need to bite us. Rather than letting her take it out on us, I keep a teether with me at all times. If I notice that she is becoming irritable and in discomfort, then I will give her the toy to chew on. 

  • Buy a Book 3 of 6

    Avery is in a huge book phase right now. She loves to have books read to her. Although I know she can't understand all of it, I bought this Yo Gabba Gabba book to help her understand that she doesn't bite. She's a big Yo Gabba Gabba fan and it's a great lesson on biting. As she gets older and we read it more often, I'm hoping that it will help sink in.

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  • Redirect Attention 4 of 6
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    If there are times that I notice that Avery is particularly irritable or she is fighting with her sister, I know that those are the moments that she is going to try to bite. At that time I will try to redirect her attention to focus on something else. I'll give her a little bit of one-on-one time to calm her back down and help her get back in a cheerful mood. 

  • Firmly Tell No 5 of 6
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    If she does end up biting someone I always want to let her know that it's wrong to do so. I get down on her level and firmly tell her no. Sometimes she thinks it's funny, sometimes she just looks at me with no expression at all, but I always want to make sure that she knows the behavior is not acceptable. 

  • Hug Them 6 of 6

    This might sound crazy, but after I tell her no, I show her an acceptable way of showing our emotion. I give her a hug and tell her that we don't bite, we love. She usually gives me a hug right after and then walks away. It's a way on focusing her attention on more good behavior than the bad behavior. 

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