7 Tips To Stay Fit as a Working Mom

This coming Monday, chaos begins in my house. 2 of my 4 girls start school, which leaves me behind with a 10-month-old baby  and a 2 and 3 year-old. My house will suddenly become very quiet during the day but the craziness of back-to-school, early mornings, lunch packing and the fun of the car pool lane will all begin.

One of the things we tend to forget as we get busy with the school year is to take time for ourselves, especially if you are a working Mom. I work from home and it’s one of the hardest challenges I face. Thankfully, I have a nanny aka, the best sister ever, who helps me during the day so I am able to work. But crazy schedules with soccer practice and board meetings, the one thing that suffers is my workout schedule. I simply don’t have time for it all.

I was super-excited to chat with health and wellness expert Jennifer Cohen (she’ll motivate you!) about how to workout at the office and while playing with Grayson and the rest of my kids. While I did share some tips on how to burn calories while working out with your baby, I wanted to find ways to exercise even when I don’t have time for a walk and well, just stay fit as a juggling working Mom multi-tasking my life away!

Click-through 7 tips to stay fit as a working Mom! 

  • 5 Tips to Staying Fit As A Working Mom With A Baby 1 of 8

    It's a busy life being a Mom and sometimes we forget about taking care of ourselves because we are so busy taking care of others. Here are 5 quick and easy tips for staying fit! 

  • Don’t Clean Baby’s Plate 2 of 8

    Resist the urge to clean your kid's plates! If you're worried about wasting food, pack up their leftovers for them to eat later on. Snacking on two leftover chicken nuggets and three spoonfuls of mac and cheese can easily add 200 calories to your day. EEKK. I know this is my worst habit but I am learning to just save it or throw it away. 

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  • Stay Moving 3 of 8

    While your kids are on the playground, play with them! Work your upper body with pull-ups on the monkey bars. Grayson smiles ear to ear as he watches me from the stroller! Participate in a game of tag to get your cardio. Try a set of squats on the balance beam to work your glutes- with your back foot on the plank for balance and the other foot on the ground, lower yourself down and raise back up, keeping weight on the front foot. You can do all of these things with baby in tow! Make sure you invest in a good pair of sneakers too. 

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  • Make Time To Eat 4 of 8
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    Don't forget to eat. Skipping meals can put you into starvation mode, actually causing you to gain weight instead of losing it. When I am running around or don't have time to have a lunch break, I always make sure to have a KIND bar on hand that is packed with nutrients. Jennifer suggests Evolve's protein shakes to throw in your bag and go so nutritional needs for the day, even on the go. It even has Tonalin in it, a natural ingredient found to reduce body fat (though if you're pregnant or breast feeding ask your doctor first.) It's a great energy boost.


  • Get Involved 5 of 8

    Actively supervise soccer practice by jogging back and forth with the stroller as the team moves along the field. If you're a baseball or football family, try bleacher steps. With your left leg on the bleachers, step down with your right leg, keeping your weight on your left leg. Return to start and switch. Get more of a glute workout by walking up and down the bleachers a few times. If only I would have learned these things years ago, my glutes would thank me. 

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  • Office Chair As an Ab Roller 6 of 8
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    A tip from Jennifer: Use your office chair as an ab roller. If your not too dressed up, get on your knees with your elbows on the chair, keep your abs engaged while you roll out your chair and roll it back in towards you. Be sure to keep your back straight. My kids get a kick of me when they walk in my home office and see me doing this, but it's fun! 

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  • Release Stress with a Healthy Fitness Routine 7 of 8

    Handling the common stress of motherhood mixed with the balance of work and duties at-home can truly hinder a lot of stress in your life. As a working Mom we have to constantly find that balance and make sure we have an outlet to release stress. Whether it's taking a weekend to disconnect from technology or creating a workout routine that best fits your needs you have to find ways to release from the pressure. I find it best to work out in the morning before the kids are awake. While my husband is getting ready for work I take a quick walk or jog around the neighborhood. It's important to find 30 minutes during the day to focus on exercise. Adjust your schedule to make it work! 

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  • Pack A Lunch 8 of 8
    Quinoa Spinach Salad Gluten Dairy Nut Free Work School Lunch Easylunchboxes top 8 allergy free.png

    While you are so focused on packing your kid's lunches and snacks for daycare, take time to pack a lunch for you! You will avoid the fast-food lines during your lunch break if you pack a healthy lunch. Make it fun, start a Pinterest board for healthy lunch ideas. 

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