5 Everyday Sounds That Help Soothe My Infant’s Colic

colicIf I had to compare all four children, Silver is my most fussy baby. He keeps my arm and back muscles strong and sore thanks to his nightly colic fits and desire to be held and rocked at all times. I know this phase won’t last forever, but while in the thick of the fussiness, sometimes I wonder if this little baby will ever just be happier.

He is getting better, and while I search for anything that will help ease his crying and make the general house a lot quieter, I’ve been trying anything I can think of to help keep the peace. There are a few things that have made a great improvement, but one thing I’ve recently discovered that helps ease his colic are certain sounds. We know that noise machines have been used to help babies sleep for a while, but there are some everyday things too that help my son during his colic cries. If your child has colic, maybe one of these can be your ticket to happy silence.

1. Shusssshhh

It’s one of those tried and true sounds that we often see parents make and it works wonders. The “shhhh” sound you make as you try to quiet someone down done rhythmically is a wonder for colic. I have an app on my phone that makes the noise for me — not because I can’t be bothered to, but because doing it for long periods of time is harder than it sounds. Trust me.

2. Running water

During a crying fit, if I walk into the kitchen and turn on the faucet, his cries slow down, get quieter, and then stop. I think it’s a combination of the walk (movement always helps) and the soothing, loud sound of all that running water.

3. His own cry

Okay, so this may sound mean, but it’s a trick that’s worked for all of my kids — and may work for yours too. I video record my kids’ crying, and when they’re in tantrum, or Silver is in colic-mode, I play the video. He stops crying and seems quite interested in his own noise and even seems concerned for the upset baby not knowing it’s him.

4. Floor fan

I sleep with a floor fan not only because I prefer to be more on the cool side, but also because the white noise helps me sleep. If I am trying to get Silver to drop the cries in favor for some sleep, I make sure the fan (or the block heater) is on. The noise seems to calm him down happily.

5. Vacuum or hair dryer

We’re in that phase before the vacuum and hair dryer noises scare babies, when the noises do the opposite and calm them down. I think he likes the overwhelming noise and the constant, repetitive sound that temporarily calms him, distracts him and soothes whatever was bugging him at that moment. I know this trick won’t last forever because he will hit that phase where these noises scare him — all my kids went through that.

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