5 Ways My Baby Girl Is Kinda Like a Teenage Boy

5 ways my baby girl is like a teenage boy | via Lauren Hartmann at Babble
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I never would’ve imagined that my sweet, delicate flower of a baby girl would ever have anything in common with a rough and tumble teenage boy, but all things considered, I’ve realized that the two actually do share quite a few funny similarities.

I’ll admit that these similarities are a bit generalized, because obviously not all teenage boys fit into these stereotypes, but many of them ring true for the teenage boys I’ve known.

Now check out why my baby girl is kinda like a teenage boy after the jump!

  • 1. She sleeps like it’s going out of style 1 of 5
    1. She sleeps like it's going out of style
    Babies need a lot of sleep and the same goes for teenage boys. Sleeping in 'til noon? Totally normal for both since they both need sleep to get through those insane growth spurts!
  • 2. Her appetite knows no bounds 2 of 5
    2. Her appetite knows no bounds
    Have you ever seen a teenage boy eat? It's equal parts impressive and terrifying - especially if you're the one paying the grocery bill. My baby is much the same. I'm pretty sure she'd eat all day long if I'd let her.
  • 3. She appreciates a messy room 3 of 5
    3. She appreciates a messy room
    I've yet to meet a teenage boy with a room that is super clean and smells like daisies. Fern likes a mess too. Her favorite past time is dumping out toys and spreading them across the room and she gets annoyed when I pick them up, because they're way easier to access when they're all over the floor.
  • 4. She has a one-track mind 4 of 5
    4. She has a one-track mind
    ...and it's focused on boobs! While boobs are not the only thing that occupies the minds of teenage boys, I'm quite certain that it takes up quite a bit of their brain space for a lot of them on a daily basis. My baby is right there with them. Sometimes when she's having a bad dream and whimpering in her sleep my husband jokes that she's having a dream that all the milk ran out - ha!
  • 5. She is impolite with her bodily functions 5 of 5
    5. She is impolite with her bodily functions
    Burping and farting whenever it strikes their fancy is commonplace for a lot of teenage boys and most definitely commonplace for my baby. Usually her impolite bodily functions are accompanied by a guilty little grin as well.

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