5 Ways to Entertain a Child

Even though my baby is only 6 months old, I am quickly coming to realize that being a mom requires having an arsenal of tricks up my sleeve to keep my baby happy and entertained so I can actually get things done on occasion. Obviously there are certain songs and silly faces that will suffice in the entertainment department at this current developmental stage, but eventually I’m going to have to get a little bit more creative as I’ve witnessed as I spend time with my friends and their older children.

As such, I decided to come up with a little list of simple ideas you can use to entertain a little one who is no longer amused simply by the sound of your voice.  Feel free to stock pile these ideas for those moments when you are in serious need of a break!

  • Blow bubbles 1 of 5
    Blow bubbles
    It doesn't get any simpler than bubbles, but something about these soapy little orbs makes kids smile and distracts them for long enough that you can take a breath.
    Homemade bubble tutorial via Hello Bee
  • Try out some fun new apps 2 of 5
    Try out some fun new apps
    Sometimes simple just won't suffice and you need something flashy and new to catch a kid's attention, but you don't just want to leave them camped out in front of the T.V., so what's a parent to do? Try out some new fun and interactive apps for your iPhone or iPad. Disney Junior has some really great ones that are fun for kids, but still have developmental and educational merit to them and even better, they're free!
    apps from the Apple iTunes Store Jake's Neverland Pirate School and Mickey Mouse Club House Road Rally
  • Let them build 3 of 5
    Let them build
    I will tell you ahead of time that these magnetic tiles are freaking expensive, but they are oh, so worth it! As a preschool teacher, these were the holy grail of toys for my students. They are great for teaching cause and affect, fine motor skills and spatial awareness and they span a wide age range. I've seen two year olds and six year olds love these with equal enthusiasm.
    Buy a set at Magna-Tiles
  • Let them relax with audio books 4 of 5
    Let them relax with audio books
    This has all of the convenience of propping your kid in front of the television, with far more positive outcomes. Giving your kids their own little headphones to listen to stories is a wonderful quiet activity that will give you both a relaxing break. The Frances Audio Collection is one of my favorites!
    Buy the CD's at Amazon
  • Let them make noise 5 of 5
    Let them make noise
    So, this isn't an activity that will get you a lot of peace and quiet, but it will keep your child well-entertained. Give them musical instruments and encourage their inner musician to bloom! (You could even just use pots, pans and wooden spoons!)
    Buy musical instrument set at Amazon

How do you keep your little one entertained?


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