5 Ways to Get Through the Witching Hour

Oh, the dreaded witching hour. The witching hour is that time in the evening when your baby is fussier than usual and can sometimes be harder to console.

Avery goes through it nearly every single day around 5:00pm. My toddler is on the same schedule. It requires a lot of patience and creativity to get through those painful few (because it’s not just one hour) hours in my house.

If I don’t find ways to keep Avery stimulated, she will lose it (and on some days I feel like I will too.)

Check out 5 ways that help me get through the witching hour in our house after the jump! 

  • Babywear 1 of 5
    I swear that there is something magical about baby wearing. As soon as I put Avery in the Ergo, she is immediately calm. I will walk around the apartment with her while I try to get dinner ready and she loves it.
  • Have a Dance Party 2 of 5
    Have a Dance Party
    Dance parties are a ritual in our house. I try to limit the time the television is on in the afternoon with my toddler. It makes it very hard to stick to my rule when Avery is very fussy. As soon as I turn on some music, all three of us are dancing around and having a blast. I've even gotten my extended family involved in the fun (that's my father-in-law dancing with Avery) and it's helped create a special bonding time while keeping Avery occupied and not fussy.
  • Go for a Walk 3 of 5
    Go for a Walk
    We walk a lot in the city and it definitely has a calming effect on Avery. It must be something with the vibration from the stroller, because she loves it. If things are getting really tough, I put both girls in the stroller and we just go. If I put the hood back on the stroller seat and let Avery see everything outside, she's even happier.
  • Get the Siblings Involved 4 of 5
    Get the Siblings Involved
    I realize that not everyone has another child in the household, but having someone a little bit older for Avery around has been a blessing. Avery loves watching Harlan dance, sing, and do just about anything. She provides entertainment that I just can't for Avery. Harlan has helped calm her down and make her laugh in those times that I need it most.
  • Feed Them 5 of 5
    Feed Them
    Avery finds nursing very soothing, so when she is just inconsolable during the witching hour, I will nurse her so that it will help her relax and calm down.

How do you get through the witching hour in your house?

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