5 Ways to Help Your Baby Transition While on Vacation

The word “vacation” brings on an entirely new meaning when you have a baby. Those days of laying out by the pool with a drink in hand and no worries in the world are long gone! Now that you have a baby, it’s time to bring on the craziness.

I’ve started to feel like vacations are more like work than they are a vacation. There is a lot more time spent trying to keep the girls entertained and very little time for me to relax.

A lot of times it takes our little ones some time to transition during a vacation. Whether it’s the time change or just getting used to being in a different place, it can leave your little one feeling unsettled.

We are on our second week long vacation this month and Avery and I are headed out of town next week with just the two of us. With all of our traveling lately, I’ve learned that there are ways to help make the transition for her a lot easier and leaves me with a more relaxing and restful vacation.

Check out 5 ways that have helped me make the transition easier for the baby while on vacation.

  • Keep With Your Routine 1 of 5
    Keep With Your Routine
    It doesn't matter if the time change is off what from you are used to or if it is the same, try to stick with the same routine as you have at home. Avery is on more of an eat, activity, sleep routine, so I've tried to stick with that as much as I can while we are out. I try not to worry about time as much as I do her being in a routine. That way she is familiar with what is to come next regardless of the time. This has helped both on vacation and as soon as we return home.
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  • Invest in a Portable Sound Machine 2 of 5
    Invest in a Portable Sound Machine
    Seriously, this thing has been a lifesaver. I bring it with us whenever we are staying overnight somewhere. Avery has had to stay with us in our room every vacation and she doesn't hear us at all because of this sound machine. It blocks all of the sound and helps her sleep better at night. I don't know what I would do without it!
  • Make an Area Just for Baby 3 of 5
    Make an Area Just for Baby
    Now that Avery is trying to move around, it makes it difficult to bring her places because I can't just set her down. Make a space in the room that you are staying that is baby proof and that will allow you to let them down to play. Keep some of the toys you brought with you there and it will help keep them occupied when you need a little bit of a time out.
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  • Bring Something From Home 4 of 5
    Bring Something From Home
    Whether it's a favorite stuffed animal or a baby blanket, bring something on your trip that they baby loves and will remind them of home. Avery has a lovie that she has to have to fall asleep. She loves to grab it and hold it as part of her bedtime routine. Every time we have travelled, I've made sure to bring it with us so that no matter where she sleeps, it reminds her of home and sleeping in her crib. It's helped her to fall asleep at night and she hasn't even noticed that she's been sleeping in a travel crib.
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  • Relax! 5 of 5
    There is nothing worse than returning from vacation feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation. Vacation brings on an entirely new meaning when you have kids. It is 10 times harder to do a vacation with them than without. Try to relax and have a good time while you are on vacation. Don't stress about too much because it will rub off on the baby and then you both will be cranky. Try to have the best time as possible and really take in the moments that you have to be completely stress free! Your baby will thank you and you will thank yourself.
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