5 Ways to Hide Your Postpartum Hair Loss

Our bodies go through a lot of changes during pregnancy. We all know that, but you may find it surprising just how many changes your body goes through again after you’ve already had the baby. Your breasts get larger for breastfeeding, your insides start to shift back to their regular position — and your hair falls out.

Not all women get the postpartum hair loss, but I certainly do — and I’ve got it bad. It’s exasperated because hair loss is a weird symptom of going off a medication I was on during my pregnancy, so I wake up each morning with a little less hair and a little more obvious spot on my head.

I am lucky that I have really thick hair and it’s easy for me to cover up the shorter little hairs that are re-growing. My husband says he can’t see them, but I know they’re there and I also know many other women deal with hair thinning or hair loss as well. If you’re one of the “lucky” who start to see more hair on your pillow in the morning than you did before — don’t worry. There are a lot of ways you can help hide your postpartum hair loss, and I’ve rounded up a few for you.

1. Get a wrap

I am thankful these long  head wraps are in because they cover as little or as much of your crown as you need. They come in great patterns, textures, and can look as casual or professional as you need them to. I like that these type of wraps are also gentle on your hair so they likely won’t cause too much additional loss.

Do you love this one as much as I do? Get it from gertiebaxter on Etsy, $15.


2. Use a headband

Retro is in and so is rockabilly, so these headbands are perfect to hide your hair loss while staying cute and in fashion. I love the bright-colored headbands because it looks more like they’re there for a purpose (to look awesome) and less there because you have to wear it.

Do you love this one like I do? Try it from MapleandOakDesigns on Etsy, $13.95.

3. Try hair extensions

Most hair thinning after birth is temporary and will eventually even out, but if you’re hit with really noticable thinning or you’re felling really self concious about your hair — try hair extensions. They can give you a fuller look and you can have fun with your new makeover, which is a good thing for our self esteem.

While I’ve not tried it myself, I’ve heard good things about the HairDreams hair extensions.

4. Get a great hat

You’re not going to get better coverage than a really awesome hat, and the new spring fashion trends all point to big hats. The bonus for us who are losing our hair and want to stay in fashion is that with these hats, we can still show off our long locks, but hide those spots on our crown that are a little less covered these days.

Do you like this one? Get it from Lovely Bird Hats, $128

5. Change your cut

I suggest heading over to a high-end salon and have the stylist take a look at where most of your hair loss is coming from. If you’re like me and the loss is around the temple area, you can probably get some heavy bangs cut in and they can drape over and cover. Talk to the stylist, and a good one should be able to help minimize the appearance of your thinning spots.

:: Have you experienced postpartum hair thinning? What tips do you have? Share in the comments! ::

Devan is a freelance writer living in Toronto, Ontario, with her husband and four kids. No, those aren’t her kids real names — they’re online pseudonyms.  Read more from Devan on Babble and “like” Accustomed Chaos on Facebook!  

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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