5 Ways to Entertain Baby in the Car

Living in the city without a car means that both of my children are not used to riding in one at all. Harlan, my three year-old, is at the point in her life when she absolutely loves riding in a car. She thinks that it is the greatest treat ever. We rented a car the other day and she cried when I had to return it because she told me she wanted to sleep in her car seat in the car. Amazing, right?

Avery, on the other hand, hasn’t quite picked up on the fondness of a car like her sister has. She requires a lot more of attention in the car. I always get really nervous when I have to take her in the car because there have been many hours when she just sits and screams because she doesn’t like being in the car so much. Fortunately as she is getting older she is getting easier to entertain.

Check out the five ways I keep Avery entertained in the car after the jump! 

  • Toys-I have toys left over from when we did actually own a car and used with Harlan. One is a mirror that attaches to the back of the seat that lights up and plays music. I also love to bring toys that she is unfamiliar with so that it helps keep her entertained longer.
  • Music– I’ve noticed recently that Avery loves music. If I turn music on, her face immediately lights up and she moves her arms up and down. Once the toys start to lose their entertainment value, the music goes on and I try to find something that she likes and wants to listen to.
  • Play Games– Peekaboo anyone? This only works if someone is able to go in the backseat, but for us that is usually the case since we have her big sister Harlan in the back with her. Since Harlan is facing forward and Avery is rear facing, it works out perfectly because they can see each other during the games. Harlan loves to keep her sister entertained.
  • Talk to Them– It can be very soothing for your little one to hear your voice. If Avery is cranky and crying in the car, just the sound of my voice can help calm her down. I will talk to her about anything and everything as long as she stays calm and doesn’t get upset.
  • Electronic Devices-This is the very last resort, but it works if you have nothing left. For Avery, it doesn’t matter what you put on the screen, she is automatically entertained by the site of my phone. I try to put some sort of baby education video on the screen, such as baby sign language, so we aren’t completely wasting our time. She loves to watch it and I love that she isn’t upset in the back seat of the car.

How do you keep your little one entertained in the car?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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