5th Baby, 1st Shower: My Foster-to-Adopt Gift Registry

I was surprised when my friends, Deepa and Stephanie, sent a registry link and asked to throw a baby shower for me. This was going to be my fifth foster child and she wasn’t even born yet. Sure, the pregnant mom and dad were making an adoption plan at the foster agency and I was matched with them and everything was going well. But this is foster care, and who knows how the parents will feel once the baby is born, and have I mentioned I’ve done this already four other times?

Nonetheless, my friends insisted “You’re going to need stuff” and “having a child is really expensive” and possibly the most convincing was “sure you have a lot of baby stuff, but you can always use diapers.” Okay, I’ll do it for the diapers I told them.  But NOT until after the baby is actually born and in my physical custody.

A shower date was made about a month after the baby’s expected due date. Then I was told to register. Ugh, it was so uncomfortable at first, making a list of things for people to buy for me. But then of course, it started to get fun. I selected items that were on the extreme practical side (i.e. wipes, batteries) to the unnecessarily lux. To my surprise, most friends skipped over the practical items and went straight for the cute, a bit overpriced clothes.

  • My Foster-to-Adopt Baby Shower Registry 1 of 17
  • Chevron Jumpsuit 2 of 17

    I'm still not tired of Chevron print and probably never will be.  If they made this pink jumper in adult size I would totally wear it!

    Thumbeline $29.40

  • SwaddleCinch Blanket (the zebra print one, of course!) 3 of 17

    Skip over the Youtube videos on how-to swaddle and get straight to it with this velcro loop wrap.  Usually my daughter wiggles her arms out and then screams her lungs out but this wrap keeps her super snug and asleep.

    by Fisher Price available on for $14.25

  • Alligator Wall Organizer 4 of 17

    Can you have enough organizers? Living in a small NYC apartment, it's all about using wall space.  Being from Florida, this alligator had me at hello.

    Giggle $28

  • Blanket and Giraffe Gift Set 5 of 17

    I'm a sucker for stripes and giraffes. So a giraffe in stripes makes me giddy.

    Giggle $48

  • Gia Ruffled Caplet 6 of 17

    A nice alternative to the ruffled tutu, this caplet is so cute I can barely handle it.

    by Joyfolie on Gilt $56

  • Dress Up Doll ‘Sunday’ 7 of 17

    I try to make sure my daughters have dolls of all colors. This one reminds me of the Blabla doll Coco but with moveable hair!

    Giggle $64

  • Nina Diaper Bag 8 of 17

    Super fancy for a diaper bag, I know. But when I bring my baby to work, it'll pass well as chic and professional looking.

    Giggle $172

  • The Mommy Hook 9 of 17

    This attaches to your stroller and practically turns it into a shopping cart. I've hung grocery bags of milk- gallons and gallons of milk off of it.

    Giggle $7

  • Chico 360 Hook-On Chair 10 of 17

    What I love about this hook-on chair is that it has a tray with a bit of a rim to hold food on.  The one I have right now allows my daughters complete access to the table but that also means most of the food ends up on the floor!

    Giggle $70

  • Etiquette Socks 11 of 17

    There's no shortage of cute baby socks but I hadn't seen these before. I love the gender neutral colors. $34

  • My Little Snugamonkey Bouncer 12 of 17

    I've needed a new bouncer with each baby because let's face it, one diaper leak and yuck. The Snugamonkey one is a win-win because it comes with all of the bells and whistles the baby wants (i.e. music, vibration, hanging things) and the muted colors I want as I adjust to seeing my living space morph into brightly colored baby land.

    by Fisher Price available at Target for $49.00

  • Batteries, safety locks, disinfectant wipes and of course, diapers 13 of 17

    Probably the less usual thing about my registry is that I put basic necessities on my list.  By registering on Amazon Target, I was able to add anything...Method antibacterial wipes, Huggies diapers sized a-long-time-from-now, more Totloks to seal up the cabinets and Duracell batteries in, oh-yes-I-did, every single size.

  • Hape- Beleduc Cottage Puzzle 14 of 17

    5 pieces
    Amazon $8.68

  • Zutano Unisex Onesie 15 of 17

    Do I really need to say anything about this insanely adorable elf outfit? I'm not so patiently waiting for the weather to cool off so I can put Clementine in it. Check out all of the colors it comes in, they're all bold and fantastic.

    Amazon $43

  • Green Pea Baby Rattle 16 of 17

    Something about this rattle makes my daughter squeal like crazy. It's on the pricey side but if I added up the hours of fun, it's worth every penny.

    Land of Nod $24.95

  • Bundle Babies 17 of 17

    Something about this doll adds so much life to the girls' crib. Unique and colorful, check out the many varieties.

    Land of Nod $14.95

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