6 Annoying Traits of Babies: The 0-3 Month Edition

Little Bean Sleeping Peacefully in the Bouncer.

1.) Easily fall asleep everywhere EXCEPT the crib.

Is it just Little Bean or does every baby seem to be able to fall asleep anywhere except the crib? The bouncer, the car seat, the carrier, my lap. It doesn’t matter. But put them in the crib or basinet and nooooo they don’t feel like sleeping right now.

2.) Spit up right after you get that perfectly cute outfit on them or YOU.

It’s like I should know better but I don’t. We’ll be getting ready to go out. I’ll get dressed. I’ll get him dressed. Then I’ll pick him up to head downstairs and blagh… baby spittle all over my shoulder and his shirt. Ugh!

Note: I don’t bother to change either of us. I’m a wipe-up-and-let’s-go kind of mamma.

3.) Fall dead asleep while eating at 2AM only to wake up as soon as you lay them in the crib.

This is the one that inspired the post. Last night Little Bean got up to eat. I stumble in his room, get all settled in the chair and nurse. In 5 minutes he’s dosing off. I make my best effort to keep him awake to eat to no avail. So I decide to gently place him back in the crib. I slink out of his room and before I make it half way down the hall…. WAH!

4.) Be content in bouncer/floor gym/whatever UNTIL you decided to try to get something accomplished.

Little Bean will be perfectly happy and content chilling in his bouncer. Looking around the room, being all cool. I decide, ok, let me try to do… whatever–check the mail, empty the dish washer, get some writing done. It’s doesn’t matter. Within 30 seconds…. WAAAAH The fussiness starts.

5.) Smile at everything except you.

This one is the most upsetting. I try my hardest every day to connect to Little Bean. Make eye contact. Get a smile. Basically let him know who Mommy is. I’ll try and try and try and he’ll just look at me like, “Who the heck are YOU?” Then moments later he’ll be staring into thin air and just grin. I mean.. REALLY!?!?

6.) Settle themselves down RIGHT when you decide to get up.

This is the husband’s favorite. Well, least favorite. However you want to categorize. Little Bean will be fussing. At first we like to see if he can settle himself down. We wait a few minutes, decide it’s time to intervene, go to get up and voila! Baby miraculously calms himself down. We didn’t even make it all the way up from the couch yet!

Go ahead.. Add your baby’s annoying trait in the comments. It will make you feel better. I promise. 😉

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