6 Babyproofing Tips

babyproofing featuredYou know how one minute your baby is sitting in the middle of the floor, all plump and cute and happy, just playing with her toys? And they next minute she’s crawling her plump, happy way over to a tangle of electrical cords with the clear intention of putting them in her mouth? No? Just me, then.

I don’t know why I was so unprepared for my baby to get mobile. She’s been going from sitting to tummy for weeks now and had advanced from flapping her arms and yelling to getting up on all fours and lurching. It was only a matter of time before she took off to begin the adventure of chasing her dreams. Her dreams being her brother’s toys and/or anything dangerous, of course. A few days ago she started crawling for real and, while she hasn’t gotten into trouble yet, she has gotten into the pile of shoes by the door and spent some quality time slobbering on my favorite boots. I admire her taste (ha!) in shoes but I need to get to work babyproofing, stat.

I don’t mess around with babyproofing. It’s one thing for a baby to get a mouthful of boot leather, it’s another for her to take a tumble down stairs or get into cleaning products.

Here are my tips for babyproofing effectively!

  • Put It Up 1 of 6
    Put It Up
    If a baby shouldn't have it, put it way out of reach. My cleaning products are on top of the fridge, not under the sink.
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  • Gate It 2 of 6
    Gate It
    Spring for the fancy, wall-mounted gates that can't be knocked over. It'll save you having to reset them and give you extra peace of mind.
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  • Tape It Down 3 of 6
    Tape It Down
    Get some electricians tape and tape down any electrical cords that you can't hide away. It's not stylish but it's safer!
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  • Containment 4 of 6
    If you can manage it, have a safe place to confine baby in each room. If you need to walk away, you can put baby in the play yard or high chair.
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  • Shut Doors 5 of 6
    Shut Doors
    If there are rooms that you don't want the baby to go into, get in the habit of shutting the doors securely. This is especially true for cluttered closets.
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  • Clear Surfaces 6 of 6
    Clear Surfaces
    You've been meaning to declutter, anyway, right? The baby who's crawling today will be pulling up tomorrow. Get all the stuff off your coffee table so you don't have to take it out of baby's mouth!
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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